What is Meet and Greet Event?

A meet and greet event is an event that is organized in such a way that a well-known person can meet and make conservation with the public. The comfortable, casual, and low-key setting for connections has been provided by the meet and greet event. The means of a meet and greet event is to reduce social stress. This event also develops the confidence of new members.

Significance of meet and greet event

The best benefit of a meet and greet event is that it develops social interactions among people.  This event has a vital role in today’s business line. Thenew workers of any company spend more time on their work. They have less interaction with their colleagues and boss.  To maintain an employee’s longevity and decrease turnover, and meet and greet event is mandatory to buildup relationships of employees with their co-workers and boss. In the meet and greet event, you will know different ideas from people’sconversations onthe same topic.  The meet and greet event produces a community of people. You can get suggestions, advice, feedback, and support about your work.

Ways of Hosting a meet and greet event

There are 2 ways of hosting a meet and greet event.

  • Virtual meet-and-greet events
  • In-person meets and greets events

Virtual meet-and-greet events

Virtual meet and greet is a way of hosting online on different social media platforms and YouTube channels. During the pandemic COVID-19, virtual meet-and-greet event rises.

For hosting a virtual meet and greet event, the organizer must be made scheduled for it. Post the event timing two weeks before on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. People will know about it and more of them can attend the event.  Use OBS software for the setting of live streams. You can utilizethe Zoom App for hosting the event. Send your event link from zoom to Whatsapp, Facebook, and on Instagram. A lot of people can easily join you on these platforms.

In-person meet and greet event

In comparison to virtual meet-and-greet event, In-person meet-and-greet event is difficult to organize.  A lot of tasks have to be done in this event. It requires a good location where a lot more people can join you.  The second task is How to organize and manage the event.  The last task is to give a call to people before the month on various social media platforms.  You have to make sure about your place in the event. Keep your place in the event in such a way that all people can easily meet you. Your fans can get an opportunity to know you better in both events.  Your fans will be left the event with good memorable moments. like : Sebastian Stan Meet and Greet

How to make a good meet and greet event?

There are the following tips you have to keep in mind while arranging a meet-and-greet event. first of all, make a timetable for an event as soon as possible, you can also host it online, make it short with a specific aim, use ice breakers, prepared questions,  and take notes for the event. Also, include a buffet table where guests can help themselves. It does not have to be something that takes too much preparation, you can include, for example, muffins, pancakes, fruit, and meat, and for utensils use plastic dinnerware to save yourself from spending time cleaning.

What you have to DO and DON’T in a meet and greet event

Go to your different social sites; get guidelines from people for network building.Do not invite too many people to your event
if you organizing an In-person event then make a team for managing the entire eventIf you are new tothe event then don’t ask people for a job
Take permission for recording conversationswith peopleDo not expect an offer from a person in the event
Prepared yourself for the meeting and bring the question of interest along with youDo not show up basic facts without knowing

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