What is Relay Switch Used For?

Relays are often heard everywhere around us because they are used in almost everything from households to industrial companies. What is most interesting about relays is that other than manual switches, relays would use an electrical signal to close and open a switch. 

There are different types of relays for example, electromechanical. They consist of an electromagnet, mechanically movable contact, switching points, and a spring. Relays work on electromagnetic induction. 

Usage of Relay Switch: 

Relays are mainly used for protection and error detection to ensure less damage to the device. These switches majorly control high-voltage circuits by providing low-voltage signals in modems and audio amplifiers. 

  • Relay switch is often used in home appliances, usually for small applications like car alarms, ovens, and other kitchen appliances. Usually, it is used for any appliance that needs high-voltage power. 
  • Air Conditioning Relays are mostly used for compressor motors, cooling, and fan motors. Other than that, relays are used in washing machines and electric heaters as well. 
  • Relays are used in automotive industries. Since, their demand is increased heavily for horn relays, flashing relays, and open circuit relays. These relays are used to withstand dirt, pollution, and water. 
  • In Industries the main usage of relays is through AC relays. Its digital control system helps the devices to adapt to low levels of voltage and fast action procedures. 
  • The usage of Relay Switches involves motor drive controls, computer interferences, traffic control, telecommunication, industrial process controllers, motor drive controls, and the protection system of the electrical power system. 
  • Relays are highly safe to use for instance industrial companies and their heavy machinery may have some serious consequences which are never planned. To avoid sudden shocks and damage relays are there to protect the machine from this kind of situation. 
  • The traffic lights are also controlled by these relays. They can sense signals and collect data. Thus, these relays control the traffic light red, yellow and green. 


You might have heard the name of relay switches every time but you don’t know when and where they are used. Relay switches are used in almost every electronic appliance around you. These relays are there to protect the high voltage required appliances to work on a lesser voltage.

 This helps the machinery avoid dangers of the electricity. Relays work for small to large machinery as well. Hence, to avoid such accidents to happen one must know the importance of relays and one must install them whether it’s home appliances or big industrial types of machinery. 

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