What is SpeedCubing? How To Perform it?

Speed cubing is one of the uniquely designed puzzles or you may say a very different yet interesting kind of game, that involves your mental activity and it is somewhat interesting too and is done quickly. We can also call it just Cubing or speedsolving too.

As we have discussed earlier about the game, it’s a puzzle that’s played speedily, so it contains a large amount of puzzles that are combined, one of the most popular among those puzzles is the 3×3×3 puzzle. It just has to perform so fast. 

This puzzle was formerly contrived in 1974 by a person named as Hungarian, he was a teacher of architecture, Erno Rubik. It got so much fame and scope but gradually the hype started falling down just after 1983, but as soon as the different Internet sites came into being, the more it became popular. Many competitions took place right after it regained popularity. One of the recents competition took place in Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺. 

Since the increase in fame, many businesses regarding speed cubing have been launched and started. It includes either purchasing or selling the speed cubes. Millions and trillions of companies have produced their own cube with the high five advanced methods and techniques in order to play the puzzle faster. 

This has helped many people to generate more and more ideas associated with this puzzle and has become a planetary corporation. The puzzle is not only the foremost source of fun and leisure hour entertainment but also a source of income too that is to most of the extent impressive. 

Ways to Perform SpeedCubing

To play this technical yet interesting puzzle one must fully know the tactics of the puzzle too and in this article all the possible ways are as follows:

As in the article where we introduced the puzzle. It is said that 3×3×3 is the standard by which speedcubing is performed. But not every method or technique uses this. So there are many methods that include : CFOP, Roux, Blindfold methods, ZZ methods, Corners First Method. 


The other name for CFOP is Fridrich method that is named after the person who invented this Jessica Fridrich.  The very beginning step towards this puzzle is to resolve the cruciform array of sides on the top most surface. In this way then the remaining from the first and second surfaces of the cube are worked out altogether and in this way the last step is finally done by splitting into two that uses 57 algorithms and 21 algorithms in an appropriate way. If you are looking for a speedcubing shop that provides the best cubes for Speedsolving you can check for awesome cubes.

Roux Method 

The Roux Method is another perfect method to perform the puzzles. This method was discovered by French speedcuber Gilles Roux. The very first step of this method is to now organise the 3×2×1 pattern that is generally present on the bottom of the left surface. Now after this the other 3×2×1 is organised on the very parallel portion in a way that it seems to share the color that is at the lowest. The last step is performed by the deposit of the algorithms called CMLL. 

Blindfold Method 

This method is somewhat different from the above two methods and has uniqueness too. It is basically a startup in which those working out most of the time use the alphabets that help them in remembering the arrangements of the stairs to resolve the cube. 


The given methods are the best methods to ensure the authenticity. This article undoubtedly acknowledges and covers the information on puzzles. 

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