What Is the Difference between HUAWEICertification and Cisco Certification Which Are bothNetwork Technology Certification?

In recent years, the IT industry has a strong demand for technical certified professionals, which has led to the popularity of the global technical certification market. The IT certification training system has become an industry, and the competition in the IT certification training market at home and abroad is extremely fierce. I personally believe that at a time when the IT industry is in a downturn but inherits the past and forge ahead into the future, it is of great benefit for us to understand the reality of China’s current IT certification market by comparing HUAWEICertification with various international authoritative IT certification in the world. 

Integrated Certification Marketing: Comparison between HUAWEICertification and Cisco Certification

A serious discussion needs a serious theme. When we compare HUAWEICertification with several international authoritative IT certification, as a local certification standard in China, HUAWEI Certification not only has some advantages that Chinese brands are close to our own national conditions, but also encounters challenges from powerful competitors in the hardware of network architecture. In terms of network architecture and hardware, Huawei’s biggest competitor is Cisco. Cisco Certification can be said to be the pioneer of hardware certification of network architecture technology. It pays attention to the close combination of network knowledge and practical operation. The teaching materials are simple and easy, and the teaching methods are flexible and diverse. From the perspective of marketing, Cisco’s technical certification is a highly mature marketing. Its biggest feature is that Cisco revitalizes channel marketing through technical certification, which basically covers all the domain needs of the market. HUAWEICertification System is divided into three levels: Junior, Middle and Senior. It has been considered very comprehensively, but there is still a gap compared with Cisco Certification. Cisco CCNA Certification is mainly aimed at designing, establishing and maintaining networks. Cisco CCNA is good at optimizing wide area networks and integrating dial-up connections. Its level corresponds to that of HUAWEINetwork Engineers.Cisco CCNP Certification focuses on cultivating the professional ability to install, set up and maintain large complex multiple protocol networks, whose feature is multiple layer switching technology. HUAWEI also has Senior Network Engineer to compete with it.Cisco CCIE pays attention to routing and network switching in two years of complex network work experience, and HUAWEIInterconnection Experts are more than enough. However, if we focus on the construction of small and medium-sized networks with Chinese characteristics, especially the small network architecture with less than 500 nodes and the SOHO Office Network Market, HUAWEI Group as a whole does not provide sufficient market channel support for the certification system. I can say impolitely that HUAWEI HCNE can’t compete with Cisco Customer Channel in the small network market alone if the group’s resources are not tilted. Cisco is sparing no effort to promote the application standards of its network products inChinese market. It launched the “Partner Technology Elite” program in October 2006. The plan is for Cisco Strategic Partners, Gold and Silver Partners and general distribution agents, as well as engineers selected by senior certification agents. However, candidates must pass CCNP and CCDP Certification Exam and obtain a professional certification. Welcome to communicate with me: 1213681236 (please specify Cisco enthusiasts)
HUAWEICertification and Cisco Certification are both network technology certifications launched by manufacturers. They have certain similarities. For example, they are divided into three levels, which are proposed for network technology. However, in terms of level division, HUAWEI emphasizes that the technical application occasions are divided into three levels. For example, those who have reached HUAWEIPrimary Certification (HCNE) should be able to complete the tasks of network design, implementation and maintenance in small and medium-sized enterprises, and those who have passed HUAWEIIntermediate Certification (HCSE) can complete the tasks of network design, implementation and maintenance in large and medium-sized enterprises, Those who pass HUAWEIAdvanced Certification (HCIE) can complete the network design, implementation and maintenance tasks of industry and telecom enterprises. It can be seen that the division of HUAWEICertification level emphasizes the occasions of technology application, or what kind of work you can accomplish when you get this certification.

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