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What is the Most Budget-Friendly Pool Decking: Most to Least Expensive

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Building a pool with its surrounding decks is never a cheap endeavor. Also, it is not only the monetary aspect that comes into play here. As an expert pool deck contractor say, “a swimming pool owner must also think of the labor cost, the material costs, and the other construction fees.” There are electricity fees, sub-contractors’ fees, building, and other permits fees.

With all these things that come into play when planning your swimming pool, you decide to find the most cost-efficient materials for the pool decking’s. But are there such as cheap swimming and pool deck materials? 

If you will build a pool, it is for sure an investment. So, make the materials you use are worth the cost. That said, here are the most loved pool decking options, listed from the most to least costly.

Natural Coral Stone Pool Deck

If you have ever been to Mandalay Beach Resort or at the MGM complex pools in Las Vegas, you will see the stone-like formation decorating the deck of its huge commercial swimming pool. That is coral stone pool decking which is often used among saltwater pools.

Creating an aquatic paradise will not be complete without using coral stones to decor the surrounding decks. As expensive as it is, they are excellent materials from natural resources instead of synthetically made.

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The material costs from $3 to $18, depending on the thickness. Coral stones can also come in tiled materials, which is more cost-efficient.

Travertine Pool Deck

Travertine is another natural stone material. While coral is made from the sea bd travertine is forms deposits of hot mud springs, the reason for its lucrative appeal. Because of the rare process of how it is created, travertine gives a distinct look to your pool decks. They are fantastic materials to get sealed and coated, too. 

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Travertine belongs to high-cost pool decking materials averaging at $15 per square foot.

Composite Wood Pool Decks

Synthetic wood has medium to high cost with an average of $45 per square foot. The material is made denser than natural wood. Also, it has more water resistance. Plus, it brings the feel and the look of natural timber, only that it is more expensive.

Wood Pool Decks

Wooden decks costs’ range from $25 to $40 with installation. Although this got a lower price range, wooden decks will require you to pay more for their maintenance. Another factor that you need to think about when using wooden decks is the climate in your location. Wooden looks good and performs well under a very humid area. But if you are in a semi-sunny place, you have to pay extra effort to prepare the wooden material against harsh rainy seasons.

Tile Pool Deckings

Tiles come in various patterns, colors, and forms. They can take the appearance of travertine, pavers, brick, natural stone, corals, and slate. One piece of tile costs around $2 to $5, depending on its style. 

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Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete pool decks are among the lowest costing materials. Both installation and maintenance play a big factor in having concrete rated as the most cost-efficient.

Despite its low-cost maintenance and installation requirement, concrete exudes simply stunning aesthetics. 

Also, when you opt to install concrete decks, you can choose from various decorative applications to add style and appeal to the concrete surface. 

The average of concrete pool decking is $3 to $12 per square foot. The price varies depending on the complexity of a decorative application you choose. Keeping concrete is as simple as a pool refinishing Orlando. This process will not let you give out buckets of cash. When concrete receives damages, you can quickly revive its beauty with cost-efficient refining.

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