What is the purpose of a reward system in online gaming?

A study by App Annie estimates that there were over 80 billion gaming app downloads in 2020, clearly demonstrating the surging popularity of the online gaming industry. Many gaming companies leverage robust reward systems to build player loyalty and encourage higher engagement. The rewards can be anything worth using or owning and may range from virtual currencies and temporary services such as progress boosters and loyalty bonuses to new playable characters and visual customization items. 

The following are some of the benefits of reward programs in online gaming:

Provides motivation and engagement

By their very nature, online games are designed to be engaging. Reward systems are an integral aspect of nurturing an engaging experience. Studies show rewards increase the motivation for tasks at an intrinsic level. Immediate rewards strengthen the association between the activity and the goal of the activity, making players feel like the task is rewarding in and of itself. In this regard, reward systems in online games motivate the player to play for longer and return more often.

Provides a sense of accomplishment

Random rewards get loyal players hooked onto a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with getting something back from the game. Rewards encourage a feeling of competence and autonomy. It keeps players anticipating and craving them, ultimately prompting them to stick around for longer. 

Improves player dedication

All players love to distinguish themselves from the crowd, and reward systems provide an avenue to do so. Reward programs that feature sponsored levels and unlock features boost players’ status in the gaming community. Experts reveal effective ways to improve player dedication is to reward them gradually to elite status

Boost player retention

Reward systems add extra layers to the game that extend beyond their digital dimension. Before players can get rewarded with goodies such as branded t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases, they must level up and complete certain tiers of the game. The longer they play, the greater the reward, ultimately increasing their engagement beyond the in-game experience. 

Improve gaming experience

The prospect of being rewarded keeps players excited and highly motivated throughout the game. Rewards provide additional goals to pursue over hitting the finish line. An ideal game entertainment and reward motivation balance improves the player experience.

The following are some of the common reward programs offered by online gaming platforms:

Season Pass: Temporal tiers

Season Passes are recurring seasonal events where users earn points by participating in in-game events. The more points one earns, the higher their rank and the greater the benefits and rewards. In a tiered system, the Season Pass resets each season to allow players to start over and enjoy prospects of a new batch of rewards to collect. The power of missing out in the next season motivates users to collect as many rewards as possible before their time runs out.

Cross-promotional and partner rewards

Cross-promotional and partner reward programs build strategic partnerships with other brands to increase awareness and drive sales while reducing advertising costs. Gamers benefit from membership by claiming diverse free rewards from games partnered with other brands. These can include spendable benefits and value-holding items such as new character customization items. Offering a partner reward catalog benefits program owners, partners, and members alike. For program owners, it is a more engaging and alluring reward with little to no cost. For partners, it is a more promising platform on which to advertise. On the other hand, loyalty program members get opportunities to inflate the base value of their membership.

Daily bonuses

Some gaming companies, such as Sweeps Coins Casino, leverage a range of daily bonuses to keep players hooked. Since the entire game is designed around progression, it is vital that players get multiple spendable benefits to tilt the scales of the game in their favor during challenging levels. This program allows players to collect free gaming rewards by logging in and playing a few levels. Several video games offer spendable benefits and in-game currencies as their daily bonuses. By offering a free taste of additional features each day, players are incentivized to log in each day. Once the players use their daily bonuses, they are more likely to purchase more to keep the game progressing. 

Conclusion: Reward programs can boost player retention

Players are the lifeblood of every gaming company. However, it is only the loyal gamers that boost revenue and keep the company afloat. Giving rewards is an effective way to keep players coming back to play your game daily. Rewards also boost player loyalty, increase game experience, and improve player dedication.

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