What Is The Purpose Of Push Notifications, And How Can They Achieve Your Business Goals?


You know social media platforms and search engines each have their algorithms. Thus marketers may find it difficult to connect directly with their audiences. 

So, how do you find your way? 

Push notifications are effective ways to help your customers stay connected with your app. Although they seem like small pop-up messages, they hold robust marketing strategies to give a big impact. They act as a call-to-actions and help your customers enjoy a full experience of valid offers. 

Even in recent research, WordPress Push Notifications have the power to boost conversions up to 8X. So, how do you create push notifications? Is this the right marketing strategy for your business? 

Without further ado, let’s get started and know push notifications in-depth. 

What are push notifications?

Have you ever encountered small pop-up messages from apps on mobile? Indeed yes, since everyone’s morning starts with these messages. Using push notification marketing software helps you to automate the service and customize the messages that target your audience. 

In other words, push notifications are small customized messages you can send to your customers directly to their devices. And the best is these can make your communications personalized with customers, so they feel more attached to your products or services. 

Beyond this, here are more reasons why push notifications are important. 

Reasons One Should Invest In Push Notifications 

Here we will discuss the important reasons or benefits of choosing WooCommerce push notifications for high traffic, conversion, and ROI. 

1. Increase Users Number

Having a huge customer base is not enough to generate revenue. You can create a customer base by allowing sign-up forms on your site, but they pay you to benefit only when they are kept engaged and make sales. 

So, to keep your users reminded of your app, you must opt for push notifications. As long as you send them personalized notifications, you will receive a great response. Moreover, in this way, you can gather more information about customers and send them personalized messages for future interactions.

2. Promote New Products & Services

By reading a research report on the American Marketing Association website, consumers would come to discounts on products, especially those involved in real estate, beauty, and fitness. However, not everyone can cut the price just for sales. But those who can take action are good to go with this technique. 

If you cannot put discounts, you can use push notifications to establish communication with customers. Nowadays, from top brands to local ones, all are taking advantage of push notifications for announcing discounts, new products, and other attractive deals. 

So, considering this fact can help you increase sales, brand reorganization, and brand awareness for a long period. 

3.  Boost Repeat Sales

One of the best benefits of adding push notifications to your website; they help you boost customer retention and profits of the company by 25%. By reading statistics, it is clear that it will keep your customers engaged, which could be beneficial in several ways. Once you become a master in this skill, you can get a loyal customer base within a short time. Moreover, this helps in repeat purchases, avoids cart abandonment, and boosts sales.

4. Get Feedback From Customers

When you pinch out the audience by sending those actionable notifications that create a sense of urgency among them, you get higher user engagement. With this, you can configure the market and user’s choices and sometimes important feedback. 

One must send a quick feedback notification once they receive the product. Thus, they share genuine reviews, be it positive or negative. You can incorporate their feedback into your products or use their suggestions when sending them the next product.

Besides, if you’ve received glowing reviews with 4-5 star ratings, then you can use them as a sales technique to attract more customers to the pool. However, this technique might not work 100%, but you can reap the perks if you target the right. 

Apply 4 Push Notifications Best Practices To Achieve Your Business Goals 

No one can deny the fact Push Notifications flourish your business. So, if you’re interested in integrating them into your business strategy, then here we have shared four best practices that help you achieve business goals.

  1. Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want

In the case of push notifications, sending offers or announcements that provide immediate value to your customers is highly crucial. For clarification, here we are sharing some good examples with you.

  • Whenever you release new content on the site, such as music, video, series, collection, and more, you must send notifications to your customers that excite them. However, if your user hasn’t checked you for a while, he is likely to get back. 
  • To engage them, don’t miss sending discounts, offers, and promo codes. With this, your site drives sales and maximizes ROI too. When sending notifications, make sure it is personalized or create a sense of urgency. 

With these, you will see improvement in sales, retention sales, and all overall user experience. 

2.      Build Connected Community

Building a loyal customer base community is also very important if you need to grow your business. So, how can you do this? 

Social media can help you. Yes, if you use them in the right way, you can drive social interactions to your business. For example, in research, we found most app users are willing to receive notifications from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, use notifications as an emotional attack that makes your users feel you are missing them. 

The ultimate goal of this is to build an open community and reason to interact with you. To get back your users, then send notifications like-

  • Community post updates- create a topic for discussion.
  • Social Media Post- invite your users to see your recent activity on social media.

3.      Encourage Subscribers

When you build a strong relationship with your customers, they most like to receive updates from you. So now and then, the purpose of sending notifications is to give them friendly support.

So, sending Happy New Year or Happy Birthday messages encourage them to hear from you. Because it showcases, that you care for them and want to build a future relationship. Besides these, you can send motivational messages, blog posts, and suggestions. 

4.      Be On-Time

When you decide on a message, you also have to decide where and how often you should send the message. 

Also, you should be aware of the balance of sending messages. It’s great your customer is waiting for updates, but it doesn’t mean you send too many or too few messages. Manage everything and make your customers happy.

Must check the following components-


On average user receives 45 notifications a day from various apps if we check reports. So if you want to have a good impact on them, you need to use them smartly. 

So, how do you achieve this?

  • Keep your messages 1-2 in a day.
  • Stick to 10 notifications a week

Once you figure out everything, you can amend the frequency accordingly.  



If you want your notifications to get reads, you need to ensure you’re sending messages correctly. For instance, if you’re running a fitness gym, sending messages in the early morning can help you get enormous leads. 

However, if you’re running a restaurant, then sending a message throughout the day and midnight can be good. 

It indeed requires research, but with this, you can come up with the best timings that offer you unexpected output.

Wrapping Things Up

Push notifications are good for boosting business growth, but they are fast and effective in building a loyal customer base for a long time. If you’re a newbie in the push notifications tactic, following up on our strategies can help you gain more benefits from the app. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your push notifications strategy today! However, if you do not know how to get started, then WonderPush is here to support you. Check out now!

Christopher Stern

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