What is the Rice Purity Test? [Quiz, Score Meaning, History & Origin]

An online questionnaire called the Rice Purity Test that you grade on your own will tell you how innocent you are. Based on worldly factors including relationships, habits, and other actions, it assigns you an innocent score.

You will be given 100 different questions as part of a personality test developed by Rice University, most of which are related to love, relationships, affairs, and conduct.

A series of questions on the Rice purity test is intended to help students chart the development of their life experiences. It comprises of incredibly private Yes/No questions.

Your test results will be graded on a scale of 0 to 100. Finally, the candidate with the greatest score is regarded as the purest.

Rice Purity Test History

In the first decade of the 1920s, purity tests were invented. It was initially printed in the student newspaper of Rice University. 1924’s The Thresher. The “Purity test” was one of the early online trends in those times. A sequence of questions to gauge your moral rectitude would make up the test.

The Purity Test Origin

The Indian Express published a story on February 18th, 1936, regarding the “purity test” that Toronto University students were undergoing. According to the statement, “this takes the shape of twenty incredibly private questions intended to ascertain the level of their morality and purity ratio.”

What does the purity test score mean?

In other words, the purest you are, the higher your score. But what if your grade is below average or average? Let’s investigate what the purity test indicates.

The Rice Purity test score meaning

  • Score 100 ~ 98 – You are the world’s purest soul. You’re a newborn.
  • Score 97 ~ 94 – You are the most innocent person and likely engaged in just amorous activity. Obtaining this score is extremely rare.
  • Score 93 ~ 77 – You fall towards the middle of the pack. This is the typical score range that most individuals achieve. Although you are not the purest person, you have lived life to the utmost in a positive way.
  • Score 76 ~ 45 – This result suggests you are partially involved in certain addicting and strange behaviors.
  • Score 44 ~ 9 – These scores are just for the most ardent of students. You need to give yourself extra attention.
  • Score 8 ~ 0 – You don’t exit, however. Never met anyone who received this rating. It implies that you have engaged in the strangest behaviors.

Although the quiz was initially designed to evaluate college students’ maturity, it is now only seen as a fun activity to play with friends.

How does the purity test work?

It comprises of 100 earlier points covering topics like love, relationships, affairs, and morality. Your personality is shown by these inquiries.

You have two choices. such as YES or NO. Depending on your prior experience, pick one of the possibilities. Have you ever…? or Do You..? will be the opening phrases of the query. On occasion, you must uncheck the statements you haven’t completed and check the ones you have.

The score for rice purity will either be a number or a percentage. Like, “Your Score is ___,”.


This survey’s 100 questions can help us learn more about human traits and behavior, but they cannot tell us who you are. And most significantly, purity shouldn’t be determined by your history; instead, only your current state, your compassion and generosity, should be taken into account. Individual opinions on the Purity score might differ. They don’t exist everywhere. Depending on who you are, where you are, and how you think, they could alter.

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