What is the Role of Security at the Shopping Malls?

There are huge crowds of people visiting shopping malls daily. Be it for dining out or buying something, or even chatting with friends. Such malls even conduct events to attract customers. For such high-profile places, Perth shopping centre security becomes extremely crucial. Security guards and officers perform a major role in the management and functioning of such events. The security teams usually provide mobile patrol security as well as detective agents to identify odd behaviors and thieves. This well-coordinated effort makes sure the festive events go smoothly without any unfortunate incidents taking place.

Role of Security at Shopping Centres

In any shopping place, the role and responsibility of security professionals can never be underestimated. Discussed below are a few major roles of a security guard which are extremely important for the safety and security of each individual at any shopping mall.

Patrolling the Premises

It is crucial to provide security services at the shopping malls to make sure that every new customer arriving is completely checked and studied. Security guards and officers periodically patrol the mall during business hours as well as times when the mall is closed. This increases the identification of any suspicious activity occurring at any point of the day. Upon identification, they immediately report to the headquarters and appropriate action is taken to handle the situation. Surveillance cameras have also proved helpful in keeping an eye on every person available in the shopping centre.

Responsive to Emergency

Mall security professionals are well-mastered in the job of responding to a range of emergencies. Whether it involves controlling an unexpected crowd surge, escorting disruptive individuals, or providing first aid to an injured or sick person who desperately needs it. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the process of emergency response and how to carry it out effectively. In case of earthquakes or fire breaking out or floods, security guards can effectively guide people safely to exits and doorways. In such instances, security personnel are extremely necessary to carry out immediate evacuations in the area.

Provide a Secure Environment

Security guards and professionals provide a sense of safety and security to every person that is available in the shopping mall. These officers provide many services like safely escorting customers or employees to their vehicles or offering protection to the VIPs. Security professionals ensure the safety of each person present at such events and employ strategies to avoid discrepancies in the crowd. They also protect and control access to some areas of the shopping malls such as back hallways and private offices. In addition, security personnel are also on the lookout for signs that may cause major accidents. Like damage in the walls or roofs of the building, or fire dangers.

Identify and Report Criminal Activities

Another major benefit of mall security professionals is identifying and taking measures to prevent criminal activities from taking place. In general, criminals tend to get repelled when there is ample security present in the area. Security personnel can efficiently spot odd or unusual behavior which may lead to criminal activities. Upon catching shoplifters or terrorists, they can detain such criminals until the police arrive. This is why Shopping Centre Security is necessary. They are also professionally trained to observe a variety of behaviors. For example, treating innocent people with respect, whereas behaving firmly or forcefully with offenders or intoxicated people.

Providing Services to Customers

Providing service to customers is a secondary duty of a security officer, but can be an additional role that they perform now and then. This could help a customer who is lost or cannot find their desired destination or a shop. Helping the customer leads to the enhancement of the shopping experience for them. This helps with boosting the reputation of the mall as well as more customers visiting the shopping mall frequently. Moreover, if a customer gets hurt at any point in time, security professionals can be of huge help. Hiring Securityservicesperth makes sure you stay safe in your surroundings through their well-trained and experienced security professionals.

Order Maintenance

On extremely busy days when customers are shopping actively due to discount sales, security professionals need to be extra cautious. It is crucial to maintain order on such days because the crowds are huge and the chances of irregularities happening are high. Security guards make sure the customers and shopkeepers are safe and everyone can carry on with their tasks smoothly. In case a celebrity is present, autograph signings and meet-ups are common.  Officers may also be alerted if any dispute arises between a shopkeeper and a customer. Their job description includes escorting a problematic individual safely out of the premises of the mall.

Surveillance Services

Not only do security officers and their team patrol on foot but there are also many guards who are made to stay in surveillance rooms and monitor multiple areas of the mall. In case of any suspicions, guards are dispatched to the areas of concern immediately. Security cameras are also available in the exit and other areas like emergency exits, to make sure that everything is secure. Security professionals also check that every camera is working properly or not for better security. In case of any malfunction, they have backups and replacements to ensure no activity goes unnoticed under their watch.


There is usually a high crime risk at parking lots and garages of malls because they are empty open spaces with little to no people. Security officers constantly keep an eye on such places to prevent theft, assault, kidnapping or worse. Securityservicesperth provides extremely reliable security services. It is the most trusted way to keep troublemakers and offenders at bay.

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