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What Is the Use Of Chegg Website?

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If you’re a student, the Chegg website is very favorable for you because its usage is for the student globally. However, if you are not familiar with this website yet, you have missed an opportunity to study online because this website brand is very supportable for online studies. Moreover, it is also usable for the offline (Physical) study because it contains many studying data.

I’m a student of a bachelor course, and believe me, and this website is helping me in every field of my study course because I’m studying BSCS, a bachelor of computer science. Computer science is dealing with programming and algorithm stuff. So the Chegg website is providing all the resources that can help understand programming, algorithm, and mathematical problems.

How Is Chegg Helpful for Students?

Luckily, I’m a student so, I can tell you the use of the Chegg website for students, and you get a lot of advantages, but it has some disadvantages as well. I will try to provide accurate data about the product to learn the good & bad use of the service.

American Education Company has provided the website. This company has done an excellent job because the services offered on Chegg are unique, and you don’t get these features on other websites. Some other sites provide the same service, but the following sites are infrequent.

This service contains millions of study-related problems and their solutions. You get the questions from different textbooks, but finding the solution is vital because there are scarce websites that answer problems.

Since I’m studying the computer course, I need to study programming, but many complex programs are not easy to solve. It’s tough to solve those programs, and only the professional programmer can solve those complexes, and since we are not the professional yet, we post the problems on Chegg. The website management has hired experienced programmers to address our issues.

When you post a programming problem, one hired programmer will solve the problem and upload the solution within 2 hours after publishing the issue. They’ve officially stated that the answer will be uploaded within 3 hours, but you can face a delay if the service is closed after exceeding daily timings. Still, usually, they send the solutions within 1-2 hours.

What Services Does Chegg Offer?

Now, this is also an important point because we’ve acknowledged that the website service is for the students, but it’s also necessary to find the services provided by this website. This website offers many features, and we will elaborate on each of the features.

I’ve said that I get programming solutions on the website, but this is not the only service provider because different 5-6 services are provided for the students. Furthermore, its usage is not limited to any specific geographical area because its use is worldwide, and the students globally get the facility of this website.

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Book Rentals Service

This feature is the first service provided by the website, and hundreds of books are available to read, but you need to borrow the book from the website, but this service is not free so, starting thinking to spend the dollars. IF you’re curious about finding the rent price, I want to tell you that it depends on the book’s pricing.

If you get a book on rent, it’s apparent that you can save a lot of dollars, but there is still some pricing of the rental books. Different books have been provided by it, and I’ve borrowed a book called “The Secret Book.” In this book, you learn to think positively and avoid sitting between negative people.

I like “The Secret Book” concept, and this book is exciting to read. It has almost 100+ pages so, if you feel bore, you can get this book on rent and read the golden words. This book is different than others because it helps to enhance the lifestyle of a human being.

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Textbook Solutions

Textbook solution is the concern of almost every 2nd student because the textbooks contain different unsolved problems. To find the solutions, people use various means, and the Chegg website is one of the sources to get the solution of the textbook. Many other websites also provide this service, and Github also offers the same service free of cost.

Github is also a good choice if you’re looking for a free source, but if you want to get a paid service, the Chegg service must be your choice because it’s much cheaper than other services. Therefore, I will also try to create a different section to provide all the alternatives to the Chegg website.

Well, the Chegg service is a paid service, and if you’re looking to unlock the textbook solutions on Chegg, you need to pay the dollars first. Therefore, I will create a different section to provide the pricing and inform you about the website’s plans.

If you’ve read the above paragraph, you must have found out that the service is paid so, people start to look for alternative ways to get the solutions, and one of the alternative solutions is to find a person who has a Chegg premium account. It’s straightforward to do it.

I’ve also used some websites that offer the Chegg unlocking free of cost, but it isn’t easy to find the real sites because most sites are not real. So they don’t provide the solution, and they use to waste the time of the needy person, and that’s why we’ve done a great job finding a real platform.

Approaching them is easy, and you need to visit the website page and fill the forum. The forum asks for some data like Name, Email, and Chegg link box. It’s necessary to enter the correct email & Chegg link, and if you don’t do it properly, the owner can’t reach you since you’ve added a wrong email so, you cannot get Chegg answers for free.

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Hire a Tutor Service

If you’re studying any complex subject and looking to hire a tutor, the Chegg website also provides this service, and you can hire a tutor for any topic. They give the best tutors for your course, and the tutor will provide you with a proper time. You can also ask a counter-question during the class.

This service is undoubtedly online because you can’t ask the Chegg tutor to come to the home and teach you so, you get the online teaching, but the quality of education is encouraging, and that’s why if you’re thinking to avail this facility, don’t hesitate to hire a tutor.

Well, I’ve used this facility, and the only shortcoming is that the service is paid because if a tutor gives you time, it’s well expected that the tutor will charge the money. However, if you found the tutor unsuitable, you can send a request to Chegg management, and they will offer you other tutors.

Post A Question Service

The website allows the premium users to post the questions of any subject and make sure that they’ve entered the data ideally. When a question is posted on Chegg, you can’t edit or undo the question title, so take care of this thing. I’ve often seen that people don’t add the complete question so, it becomes difficult for an expert to provide the solution since the question is incomplete.

Chegg does not allow unlimited question posting, and the service is only for premium users. There is nothing for the free users because Chegg does not offer a free version, but it provides a trial version where you get 30 days to get an experience of the service, and you can cancel the service before 30 days and get a refund.

What Is the Misuse Of Chegg Service?

Well, there is no doubt that it has a lot of advantages. Still, it has some disadvantages. After all, it’s also used for cheating in exams because most universities conduct the exams online, so the students use it to get the solution from the Chegg website. That’s why it has got blocked in some areas due to misuse.

If the students start using it well, it’s a fantastic platform for the students, but it becomes a disaster if you start using it for cheating purposes. Most of the international universities have created an online education and conducting the exams online as well. But, unfortunately, the teachers can’t ask them to open the phone camera so, they are completely hopeless, and that’s how its usage is becoming suspicious now.

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