What is WhatsApp aero and How It Can Be Harmful to Its Users?

WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of the original application (MOD) created to attract messenger users looking for additional features. This program comes with other clones such as GBWhatsApp and WhatsAppPlus. While they have many advantages, MODs can make users vulnerable and permanently excluded from their original WhatsApp account.

What is different in WhatsApp Aero? 

WhatsApp Aero has announced on its official website that in addition to security, users will have access to an improved user interface and will be able to get help in case of doubts or problems. This application has other benefits such as identifying the visitor’s user profile and increasing the flexibility of sending files to accept formats not supported by the original application.

WhatsApp Aero integrates all emoji such as Facebook and WhatsApp itself, and you can even create new models. For those who value privacy, there is an option to hide the media exchanged in the app from the gallery. Finally, Mod APK Gratis prevent the exclusion of sent messages. This can be seen as a major advantage, especially for those on duty.  

How do I use the Mod APK Gratis? 

The program is not accepted by the Google App Store as it is a replica. Therefore, you need to download the unofficial APK as a file and allow access to programs that are not available on Google Play.

·         To do this, go to the phone settings menu and click “Applications”. Now allow the use of “Unknown Source”. After all, activation exposes the software and allows the malware to work.

·         You can choose between two versions. One is a classic symbol and the other is a modern symbol (most recommended on websites). The user can also select the language of the app. The languages are Portuguese, English, Turkish and Spanish.

·         When the installation is complete, the program will access your contact list and users will already be able to exchange messages. It’s worth noting that the recipient does not need to have a mod to receive the content being sent.

What is the risk of using WhatsApp Aero? 

As mentioned above, the Mod APK Gratis uses the open-source WhatsApp without permission. This requires you to download an unofficial APK for the app to work. Therefore, while Aero guarantees that users are secure with end-to-end encryption, Google has no way to verify the authenticity of the program. However, you should be aware that personal information and data may be intercepted and passed on to third parties.

The MOD APK Gratis developer guarantees that users are not at the risk of being excluded from the original app, but WhatsApp itself says the opposite. Ultimately, such behavior is considered a clear violation of the Terms of Service.

In an official statement, Messenger said “it does not allow third-party apps” because it cannot guarantee compliance with data protection and its measures. After passing through the wonderful network of Messenger, your account will be locked for 72 hours. This is enough time to clear the mod. If your profile remains linked to an unofficial APK app after this period, you can completely exclude WhatsApp.

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