What is Whatsapp Ban? How to fix this issue

WhatsApp may be blocked (spoiler: for mailings). The good news is that you can unblock the number. Learn the causes of WhatsApp bans, how to prevent a ban, and what to do if your account is prohibited.

Why WhatsApp is banned

WhatsApp is made for communication with your closest friends and family. In WhatsApp contacts, there are no strangers, thus users frequently check chats and respond to messages.


If you’ve ever faced the issue of WhatsApp banned my number solution, it can be quite frustrating. However, businesses began selling to WhatsApp after seeing how deeply messengers were woven into their customers’ lives. But Meta is aware that comfortable WhatsApp will transform into an email inbox if members are attacked by spam. Because of this, it keeps an eye on email traffic and blocks anyone who even somewhat resembles a spammer.


Who gets banned on WhatsApp

Accounts about which users frequently complain. WhatsApp promises to report those who irritate you with “favourable offers.” To do this, simply select “Spam.”

Apparently suspicious accounts on WhatsApp. Only Meta is aware of how WhatsApp’s algorithms are configured and how they behave. The most important thing is that they operate and send people to bans without notice.

So don’t believe rumours that someone sent a mailing but wasn’t blacklisted. The WhatsApp algorithms have unpredictable behaviour. Both the unpromoted account of someone and the lucky person will happen. Finally, the number is blocked, and you have to spend time resetting it rather than working.

Ways to keep from getting banned for spam

Avoid using mailing lists. WhatsApp does not impose a ban on standard conversation. We collaborate with 10,000 companies, however only a small number of them have the ban issue.

Connect to the WhatsApp Business API if you really must send mailings (WABA). If customers don’t like your mailing, Meta will block the design you sent instead of automatically banning the number. You’ll be able to pinpoint the issue, rectify it, and resume sending messages without receiving any negative feedback from recipients.

What to do if you wеrе bannеd

Not to worry.  Only get in touch with WhatsApp support. Inquire as to why the number was blocked and make a commitment not to do it again.

Warm up your number as follows:

If your phone number has been blocked and then unblocked after registering an account, you may have signed into a valid WhatsApp account from another phone.

Why warming up the number is necessary

Your IP address and the date you registered for WhatsApp are stored in its databases. The IP identifies your location clearly.

Every user connected to Wazzup receives a unique IP address at random. This address is distinct from the IP address WhatsApp has identified as the real-location. An IP that is appropriate to your area cannot be distributed.

In a short amount of time, you quickly change your IP address and hence your location. The number is blocked by WhatsApp algorithms because they recognise that you are using a third-party service and because a person cannot be in another location so soon.

How to get your number warmed up

Send a WhatsApp message from your phone within a day. It takes about 10–15 active talks to get warmed up. Physically, a day is sufficient to travel across the country by plane. Therefore, WhatsApp will not get inquiries about the location discrepancy.

If your phone number was not back

You will need to register for WhatsApp again using a different phone number.

It is preferable to sign up for WhatsApp using a device that has never been blocked. WhatsApp already knows your information, including your IP address and mobile device’s IMEI, at the time the number is blocked. The modem or sim card slot’s IMEI is its special identification number. You cannot reset an IMEI. Consequently, a mobile device that has already been banned is more likely to do so again.

  • Remove WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business from your device.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi (if you wеrе bannеd whilе connеctеd to it,  this Wi-Fi is now compromisеd). 
  • Rеstart thе phonе and sign in with your mobilе data plan. 
  • To use this mobile device’s Internet connection, download as well as instal the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business application.
  • Using your mobile Internet connection, register for a new phone number; you don’t actually need to swap out your SIM card in order to register for a new phone number.

One can:

  • Utilize a different mobile device. Simply input this code in the WhatsApp app that is open on the device you intend to use at the confirmation stage when a message is sent to the number.
  • WhatsApp Business integration. Any phone number, even virtual PBX numbers, can be used to sign up for it. In this scenario, the service will phone you via a bot and dictation the code rather than sending a message.
  • After that, use the same method of communication within the app. Ten conversations is plenty. These ought to be genuine live chats.
  • After 24 hours, use your mobile device’s Internet connection to scan the QR code.
  • Send a few messages to ensure everything is functioning well.
  • Wi-Fi is your final option for connecting.

What more can you do to prevent being banned?

  • Before connecting WhatsApp to the service, warm up the number.
  • Use of PC Android emulators is not advised. WhatsApp is technically capable of differentiating between the phone and the emulator. If you act inappropriately and WhatsApp finds out, the number will be permanently blocked; sympathetic letters won’t be of any use.

How to unban whatsapp number

If ban is only temporary, your situation is less serious, and you can easily get unban from WhatsApp. Ban continue 24 to 48 hours, ormay be longer if you repeatedly violated the policy.

However, if your WhatsApp number has been permanently banned, it will be difficult to unban it temporarily. Here how fix WhatsApp permanent ban solution.

Temporary WhatsApp ban, there timer is continuously ticking down.The counter indicates the remaining time for submitting a WhatsApp unban request.Your WhatsApp number has been temporarily disabled if you view this screen. For temporary ban follow these:

Step 1: Remove GbWhatsApp Apk first from your Android device.

Step 2: This is the tough part; if your WhatsApp account is banned, you have two options.

  • If you utilise GbWhatsapp in addition to the normal WhatsApp, installing the WhatsApp Business apk is advised. WhatsApp Business
  • You must wait till the latest anti-ban edition of Gbwhatsapp / WhatsApp unbanned apk is not accessible if you use the app to access the extra features before installing the original Unban Whatsapp account. Check out the most recent Whatsapp plus and Gb WhatsApp apk downloads.

Step 3:Download the most recent version of WhatsApp for Android right away from the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Enter your WhatsApp number to log in.

Step 5: Continue to watch the WhatsApp temporary ban countdown, which is steadily getting shorter. As timer expires, your WhatsApp will be unbanned.

Note: Uninstalling any modded versions—is crucial because if you don’t do it, the length of the account’s ban will lengthen and you’ll need more time to get it lifted.

Solution for the Whatsapp permanent ban: Remove the WhatsApp permanent ban number

Some errors or mistakes that caused WhatsApp to permanently ban. Don’t worry, it can be restored, and you can permanently block WhatsApp numbers. They can also be unbanned or removed from permanent blocking. To unlock your WhatsApp number if it has been permanently blocked, carefully follow the procedures provided below.

Stеp 1: Immеdiatеly uninstall your currеnt vеrsion of WhatsApp and download and instal thе most rеcеnt vеrsion from thе Googlе Play storе. 

Stеp 2: Oncе it has bееn installеd,  launch WhatsApp and еntеr your phonе numbеr.  An error notice will appear.

Step 3: On screen pop-up message, select “Support.”

Step 4: Mention your issue, attach a screenshot of what it displays, and don’t forget to include your phone number.

Step 5: Clicking “Next.”

Step 6: Choose “This does not answer my problem”.

Stеp 7: Sеnd a support еmail to support@whatsapp. com. 

Bеcausе you nееd to wait for WhatsApp to rеact and chеck your еmail inbox,  this procеss will takе somе timе. 

Chеck out this list of WhatsApp support еmail accounts if you’rе having difficultiеs sеnding еmails to WhatsApp or arеn’t using an Android dеvicе. It includes addresses for all platforms. Just keep in mind to speak in English.

Android[email protected].
iPhone[email protected].
Windows Phone[email protected].
Web and Desktop[email protected].
Other[email protected].


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