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What Makes Countertops Eco-Friendly? Countertops design

So, before you go for shopping, make sure to check its impact on the environment. As the world is switching to an Eco-friendly way of life. Thus, if it’s home furniture to decor, and any eat-able item wraps. Everything must be eco-friendly. A step ahead to save the environment. Moreover, this idea may seem expensive. But it will pay you back in the future. 

 Thus, promoting the go-green motto. Brings a very positive impact on sellers and their surroundings. So, to check if the item is truly eco-friendly. Then the one best example is kitchen countertops made of Granite. To further know if the Granite Countertop Suppliers ensure. That it is highly eco-friendly in nature. 

 As granite is a top choice for kitchen countertops. So, eco-loving buyers are keen to make sure. If this granite stone is fully eco-friendly or not? You’re not far away from getting the answers to all your queries. Here is a little low down.

List Of Content:

Eco-friendly materials need to fully relate to the following standards given below. Such as;

1.  Source Of Material Use
2.  Manufacturing Method
3.  Packaging And Installation
4.  Method Of Transport
5.  Maintenance
6.  Disposal
7.  Best Granite Countertop Suppliers
8.  Conclusion

Source Of Material Use:

Usually, granite material is completely natural. So, it comes directly from the earth’s depth. It is non-renewable material. Moreover, 80% of our earth’s crust is made of granite stone. Thus, there is no major risk of any shortage of granite in the future. And despite using it in previous times and now. Not even a little or more reservoir of granite stone on earth is affected yet. So, one check is done. The source of granite is completely natural and genuine. Moving on to next.

 Manufacturing Method:

Granite is not actually an industry-made product. However, it comes after a series of steps and processes. Such as from earth crust to mine or quarry for useful purposes. 

 So, the first step is Quarrying the granite stone from the earth’s crust. This is the main part of the whole granite processing. Thus, quarrying is tough so it requires the use of gasoline and electricity to operate heavy machinery. 

 Now the second step is to chop off granite mighty blocks into slabs and countertops. This process also needs a lot of power and water.

 So, the manufacturing method of granite shows it a highly sustainable product. Same as wood.

Packaging And Installation:

Granite slabs or counters don’t need any packaging or wrapping. So, the packaging material is not a worry. Moreover, they need fabrication. It causes a lot of dust and volatile organic compounds into the air. But now in present times, the fabrication process is more eco-friendly now. 

Now when it comes to the installation of granite countertops in the kitchen. They also prefer using eco-friendly adhesives to promote the go green motto. Thus, saving the environment.

Method Of Transport:

The Granite supply around the world comes from different countries. Thus, most of the countries have low granite sources. Which can’t meet the consumer demands. However, to promote eco-friendly transport of granite. Prefer transporting granite from close neighboring nations such as the USA from Brazil and Asian Countries from other Asian Countries.

 Lastly, make sure to buy in bulks to reduce the effect of high greenhouse gases emission. As it will save the environment from highly toxic fuel smoke emitting from ships.


Granite is highly user-friendly. So, they are of low maintenance. They are durable, tough, scratch, and stain-resistant. Thus, any dust and grime can be wiped off easily from the polish granite stones. You need simple water and mild soaps to clean the granite surface. As harsh chemicals can destroy it. Moreover, prefer sealing it every 4-6 months as it protects the counter from bacterial attack. As by sealing down the pores.

However, the myth about granite as they emit harmful noble gases such as Radon. Then make it clear it does emit radon. But the amount is as low as nothing. Thus, soil in our surroundings emits more radon than granite. So, it is the safest and eco-friendly option for your home.


Granites have really long life spans. So, they are considered highly durable. Any damage or problem can be easily repairable. Thus, you don’t have to go for a quick replacement. Even if you do replace granite. You can still be able to reuse, repurpose, or reset in any other way at your home. 

In addition, you can even sell it at low prices to other buyers looking for cheaper granite. So, all such features make it a completely green and eco-friendly countertop material.

Best Granite Countertop Suppliers:

By far the next step in the granite countertop guide. So, it is to find the best granite countertop suppliers. Thus, the brand must be reliable and provide quality items. And Badger Granite is your best bet in the USA. For top-quality granite kitchen countertops. In addition, they carry a wide range of colors, trends, textures, and finishes at affordable prices.


In conclusion, we have come to eco-friendly granite countertops. So, you must make sure that the countertop or any other product. You must buy something eco-friendly in nature to sustain the environment. 

Thus, make sure to read all about the source, manufacturing details, transport, packaging, maintenance, and disposal. So, all these must show fully eco-friendly features. Lastly, ask your Granite Countertop Suppliers to give you whole details of the granite countertop. As it surely stands on Eco-friendly features standard? By reading the above guide.

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