What Makes Websites Like 99Designs Different

The long list of 99Designs alternatives often makes it difficult for marketing teams to choose the best option. Once you know what makes websites like 99Designs a trusted choice, you will know how to pick the right partner for you.

Team Of Exclusive And Specialized Designers

A trusted graphic design platform like 99Designs offers a diverse team of exclusive and specialized designers. This team of highly competent designers and content creators considerably increases customer satisfaction rates. 

The talented pool of graphic designers works hard to deliver consistent results every day. They keep learning and growing their expertise in the field to meet unique customer expectations in the best possible way. 

A reputable graphic design service focuses on completing projects within an effective turnaround time. Hiring the services of exclusive and specialized designers also ensures peace of mind.

Effective Project Management

An acclaimed graphic design platform, 99Designs offers the best graphic designers and design specialists. Hiring their services feels like you have hired an in-house graphic design team for your office. 

Their premier design services allow you to submit a wide range of project requests at the same time. They help you manage all the projects effectively. They also offer cost-effectiveness.

Hiring and managing four different freelancers without affecting their productivity is only possible with their help. The best graphic design platform certainly makes unmanageable tasks manageable. 

Customer Support Service

Popular graphic design websites like 99Designs do not make the customers wait in line to reach the customer service representative and generate a request. They offer responsive customer support service accessible 24/7. This skips the need to watch video tutorials, as customer support representatives are available at each step.

Teamtown – A Considerable Alternative To 99Designs

Teamtown is one of the most considerable 99Designs alternatives. Its monthly packages start from $947 only. The graphic design service offers access to a world-class team of graphic designers who are specialists in motion graphics, web design, logo design, and many more domains. 

All the Teamtown plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee. The plans have a no-commitment trial. Customers can ask for a refund in case they are not happy with the service. 

Customers can book a one-month package or a demo to get started!

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