What Number Hits The Most In Roulette

Although roulette is a game that is entirely decided randomly, some people still choose to believe that some numbers are more luck-inclined than others. Like video keno, roulette is also a game that relies on the random chance of number selection. This superstitious belief that both games have luckier numbers is not a belief that came to be in recent times. The notion is as old as the game, and there have been certain times in history that these beliefs had proven correct.

Top on the list of numbers that roulette players regard as the luckiest number is 17. The number 17 has been a great subject of discussion for years because of some historical winnings that the world has witnessed or heard.

Top historical winnings that involved the number 17

  1. Sean Connery’s win: This story is one that many people have not forgotten for years and will still not forget for many more years to come, as Sean Connery’s roulette win is one that defied all odds. The story says that he was playing a roulette game in Casino de la Vallee, Saint Vincent, Italy. He started his game by placing a bet on the number 17, and he lost the first round. He put a second bet on the same number and missed yet again.

One would expect him to choose a different number for the third bet, having lost the previous two, but Sean did place the 3rd bet on number 17 again, and this around, he won. To everyone’s surprise, Sean Connery placed the 4th bet yet again on number 17 and just like magic, he won that round. The pinnacle of this historical roulette game was when Sean wagered all his winnings on number 17 for the 5th and final time. Against all imaginable odds, he won again.

Before this game happened in the 1960s, people already had a superstitious belief that 17 was a lucky number, but when this scenario occurred, it further cemented their faith, and no one could do anything to tell them otherwise.

  • Mike Ashley’s Popular Win: It was no secret that Mike Ashley, the famous Newcastle owner as at then, favoured the number 17 more than every other number. He had most of his jerseys customised with that number, and for that reason, it didn’t come as a surprise to most people when Mike in 2008 made a complete bet, including 17 and also placing a straight bet on the number 17 itself. That day in a private casino in Mayfair, Mike Ashley won a grand prize of £1.3 million on that single spin.

Years after Sean Connery’s miraculous win, Mike Ashley’s win with the number 17 served as reassurance for people who believed that 17 is indeed a lucky number that is most likely to pop up in roulette.

More Reasons Why 17 Is More Likely To Hit In A Roulette

The logical explanation why most roulette players fancy the number 17 as their favourite number is because of its position on the roulette layout. It’s positioned right in the middle of the table, and for that reason, it is the number that catches the attention of most players.

Other Lucky Numbers

  • Number 7: This number attained its popularity from being the favourite number when it comes to lottos. Most people that play roulette must have at one time won or known someone that has won a lotto game with the number 7. These tales of 7 from lottos transcends into roulette, and unsurprisingly, many people have won roulette games betting on number 7.

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