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What Really Happens When You’re Intoxicated?

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A 2021 study showed that 60% of US adults drank alcohol, the lowest level in two decades. It is also shown that men are more likely to drink than women.

The stages of alcohol intoxication are something that people should be aware of. Although fewer people are drinking, it is still a serious issue in the US.

Some people may drink far too much or behave irresponsibly when drunk. Understanding the stages of alcohol intoxication can help you to understand where to draw the line.

Keep reading to find out more about the effects of drinking and blood alcohol levels.

Sobriety or Minimal Intoxication

The first stage it’s going to be a combination of being sober or minimally intoxicated. You can still be considered sober if you have had one drink or less.

A sober BAC usually reads between 0.01% and 0.05%. If you are not used to drinking, you may still feel a bit impaired from very minimal intoxication.

This is why it is important to drink safely if you are not used to alcohol. Even a drink or two can send you over the edge and make you feel unwell.


The next stage of alcohol intoxication is going to be euphoria. Many people reach this stage if they have a BAC of 0.03% to 0.12%.

The majority of women reach the stage if they have drunk one or two drinks within an hour. For men, they may be able to drink two or three drinks before reaching euphoria.

Euphoria is described as being slightly intoxicated or tipsy, as many people refer to it. Many people become more confident and chatty and may struggle with coordination.

Euphoria is not a safe stage since your motor skills are significantly decreased. This is the stage where it is very easy to get into a vehicle accident if you were to drive.

Those who plan on drinking several drinks should have a way to get home. It would be illegal for them to drive their own vehicle with their mental capacity inhibited.

You may need to look into baronedefensefirm.com if you do something illegal at this stage.


One of the stages of alcohol intoxication is described as excitement. You may experience this stage when your BAC reaches 0.09% to 0.25%.

You can reach this stage if you have drank anywhere between 2 to 5 drinks in an hour. This is often where you become noticeably drunk, and your judgment is impaired.

Many people become emotionally unstable and start to slur their speech. You may also struggle to see and start to experience nausea and vomiting.

Many people black out and are unable to remember the previous night due to the intoxication.


The next stage is going to be confusion, where you reach a BAC of 0.18% to 0.30%. You will start to feel extremely intoxicated and may not be able to control your body.

Many people pass out or are unable to stand up and walk themselves. Your awareness will be gone, and you may not have any memory of getting drunk.

This stage often leads to accidents since people are no longer in control of themselves. You may put yourself in a dangerous situation or fall and injure yourself.


When you reach a BAC of 0.25% to 0.40% you reached the stupor stage. This is where you will most likely be very confused and unable to understand what is going on.

You may lose consciousness and start to have an irregular or slow heart rate. Some people even experience seizures once they reach this blood alcohol level.

This is also where you are at a higher risk of alcohol poisoning. This is from an overdose, creating a dangerous situation where you need medical help.

Coma Induced Intoxication

If your blood alcohol level goes over 0.45%, you are at risk of going into a coma. This stage often slows your heart rate, creating a life-threatening problem.

Your body temperature will drop, and you may lose your gag reflex and any coordination. At this stage, people need immediate medical attention, otherwise, they will go into a coma.


A BAC reading of 0.45% is very serious and usually leads to life-threatening problems. You may go into a coma, but if you go over this percentage, death is much more likely.

A huge amount of people die every year from alcohol use, including alcohol overdose. Many people do not simply drink this amount of alcohol on a night out clubbing.

This is much more common in those with alcohol addiction, which has created a high alcohol tolerance. This can result in them drinking a massive amount of alcohol without really realizing it.

Even with medical attention, a BAC over 0.45% often means that you will not survive.

Understanding BAC

If you don’t understand blood alcohol concentration, this is referred to as BAC. This is used to measure the amount of alcohol that is in your bloodstream.

This measurement is used to understand how intoxicated a person is. Several factors are taken into consideration since alcohol affects people differently.

It measures your blood alcohol levels in a way that is accurate to your body by looking at specific things:

  • Your gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Overall health
  • Speed of drinking
  • If you have an empty stomach
  • Weight and metabolism
  • Concentration of alcoholic drinks

Stages of Alcohol Intoxication

If you are interested in the different stages of alcohol intoxication, there are several to consider. There are seven stages that measure the levels of intoxication a person can go through.

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