What should I do when my computer keeps freezing?

The most frustrating computer problem we face is this one! The most inconvenient time is usually when it happens. Don’t worry, there are some easy, practical steps you can take to get your computer working again.

What is the cause of my computer freezing?

You can experience computer freezing or performance problems for a variety of reasons. The cause of a freezing computer is typically a software issue, or you have too many programs running simultaneously.

A computer can also freeze if there is not enough hard disk space available or if there are driver-related problems.

Our article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to handle a frozen or locked-up computer.

The computer keeps freezing

Allow your computer to recover automatically from the freeze. Most of the time, a few minutes will be enough to determine whether the computer is capable of resolving the issue on its own. Several other options may be worth exploring if the computer remains frozen.

Check if your computer is completely dead-locked

The following methods will help you determine if your computer has completely frozen, also known as dead-locked.

1. Put the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen. Unless your computer will move, there is a chance that it is deadlocked and will need to be rebooted.

2. On the keyboard, click the ‘Caps Lock’ button. Caps Lock light shows that it is working, so the issue is most likely a software issue, and it can be resolved using the Task Manager in Windows. A dead-locked computer may be indicated by the Caps Lock light not functioning. You must restart the computer to resolve the issue.

Ctrl+Alt+Del – Task Manager

Task manager is one of the easiest ways to unfreeze your computer. The following steps should be taken to execute this in Windows’ task manager:

1. Press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ to open the task manager

2. Choose the unresponsive program and click ‘End Task’

3. Allow 30 seconds for the process to execute

Reboot your computer

Rebooting your computer may help if you cannot access the task manager.

You need to hold down the power button for 10 seconds in order to accomplish this. Your computer will be forced to shut down.

Restart the computer after 30 seconds.

Tip: Ensure that your software has auto-saving enabled. Your project files will be recovered easily if your computer ever freezes.

Computer randomly freezes

There could be several reasons for your computer to freeze randomly when you’re using different applications. A computer can freeze for many reasons. Here are some of the most common ones.

1. Processing power is insufficient

Video editing and 3D rendering software tend to be the main causes because they demand lots of central processing unit (CPU) power. Using programs that require a high CPU load, try not to have too many programs open at once.

2. Not enough hard-disk space

For your computer to run optimally, it’s always a good idea to keep as much disk space free as possible. By routinely removing unused or unwanted files, using a disk cleaner is the best way to achieve this. Cleaning your computer’s hard drive daily or with a third-party cleaner such as Cyberlab is the best way to keep it secure and running smoothly.

3. Overheating of the CPU

As a result of overheating, your CPU’s ability to function is significantly impacted. Your computer is probably overheating if its internal fans are louder than usual.

Be sure to provide adequate ventilation to your computer, and if any of the ports are blocked or covered, your computer will overheat.

4. Your operating system needs to be updated

Ensure your operating system is always up to date. As a result, your CPU will run smoothly and will be protected from the most recent malware threats.  Get updated at Trendstorys regarding any technology news.

5. Issues with drivers

The problem may be related to a driver-related issue if all the above checks don’t alleviate the problem. The Windows Device Manager as well as third-party software like Cyberlab can be used to check for any possible driver problems.

6. Hardware problems

Hardware issues can be more serious, such as a malfunctioning component of the computer. Several factors can lead to this. Computer malfunctions are most often caused by overheating or excessive dust accumulation on components.

If you suspect there is a hardware issue causing your computer to freeze randomly, you should always take it to a trustworthy PC repair shop.

Our handy guide will help troubleshoot your issue if your computer suddenly shuts off.

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