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What to Do With a Burnt Carpet

An unfortunate accident can cross out all the considerable efforts spent on a costly repair just completed. For example, having finished all the dirty work, the owner decided to relax and burned the carpet with coal from a hookah. What should he do in this case? There are, of course, many more options for damaging the flooring, but, one way or another, a new task appears, how to fix a burnt carpet.

What should do with seat upholstery in the car burn with a cigarette?

Smoking in the car is not the best idea, but sometimes it is difficult to resist this addiction.

Firstly, smoking in a car is simply dangerous because it is distracting, a person relaxes, acrid cigarette smoke can get into the eyes and at a critical moment, a cigarette can lead to disastrous consequences. The second unpleasant moment is the side effects of the well-known addiction – not a very pleasant residual smell of tobacco in the car, ashes lying everywhere and, the most unpleasant, burnt places.

An ember of tobacco can fall on the seat upholstery, you can accidentally wave your hand and put out a cigarette on the front pillar, some especially lucky comrades even burn through the ceiling!

What to do in such a case? 

After all, a burnt seat is not at all aesthetically pleasing. For many people, the interior of a car is a kind of calling card. In addition to the appearance of the car, the second thing that almost any person draws on is the well-groomed interior of the car.

The burnt hole must be sealed. There are three ways. The first – high-quality, but costly – will turn to specialized services offering services for restoring the original appearance of a car.

The second, less expensive, but much more difficult, is to purchase an upholstery repair kit.

This path is different in that with a probability of 80% it will send you to a car service to professionals. Without certain skills, it will not be easy to make high-quality repairs on your own with the help of.

Fortunately, there is a third option. It will require only accuracy, a minimum set of tools that you can find at home and a minimum of time. However, the result will pleasantly surprise you with car carpet repair services.

Required tool:


small container

Adhesive for fabric




Restoring burnt seat upholstery

Option number 1 if the hole is small.

Step 1

In an inconspicuous place, for example, at the bottom of the seat, taking a razor, shave off the required amount of upholstery fibres.

Step 2

Collect the fibres in a small container. The fibres of the upholstery material will look like plain fluff.

Step 3

Half fill the cigarette burn hole with glue

Step 4

Using tweezers, sketch the extracted material onto the glue. Don’t tamp it down!

Step 5

Re-apply a thin layer of adhesive over the fibres. Careful! Avoid hitting undamaged areas.

Step 6

Using tweezers, put in some more fibres until the hole is filled with them.

Option No. If the damage is more serious.

Step 1

Take a piece of any dense fabric. We will use it as a substrate. Cut out a rectangular patch. Round off the edges. This will make it easier to push it into the hole and straighten it under the upholstery.

Step 2

We take fabric glue and a needle. We apply glue to the needle and process the patch. Carefully apply glue so that the scarf does not move from its place.

Step 3

Apply glue to the resulting substrate. You can also use an external patch, as shown in the video. It doesn’t change the essence.

Step 4

The most important moment. Gluing a piece of fabric to the upholstery of the seat. Where can I get patch material? It can usually be cut from the bottom of the seat.

For a quality repair, the pattern of the outer patch must match the overall pattern of the seat. Here you have to measure seven times, cut once. You will succeed, we believe in you!

Step 5

We press the delivered scarf. We are waiting for a couple of minutes.

If you burned the carpet

Often in apartments, this type of flooring is still found. And often the models and qualities of carpets fit into the interior so much that you simply don’t want to change them. What to do if the coal burned the carpet with hookah coal? Do not panic, but restore.

Required Tools

To hide the incident, you will need:

  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Nail Scissors
  • Transparent Glue
  • Brush with Hard Bristles


A large piece of damaged carpet can only be replaced with a patch. To do this, cut off the damaged piece with scissors. And glue the part of the same size and colour in place of the hole formed.

Important: The patch is glued directly to the floor using double-sided tape or glue.

Fibre extension method

This method is only suitable if the traces of coal are small. To begin with, charred fibres are carefully cut out with scissors. The base of the carpet must be left untouched. Then the resulting hole is filled with transparent glue. And whole fibres are cut from the carpet in hidden places. Hidden places on the carpet can be where a piece of furniture is, or small areas that are not conspicuous. After the glue has dried a little, fill the hole with new fibres.

Top layer damage

Under the top layer understand a thin protective film.

If it is damaged, it is enough to clean the damaged area and shade the edges of the hole with an ordinary coin (edge).

After the damaged area can be treated with mastic for linoleum, which is sold in hardware stores.

Coating damage

In this case, not only the pattern deteriorates but also the foam base of the coating. Such a defect is certainly striking. There are two ways to fix the situation:

  • You will need type “C” cold welding glue and a pigment that matches the colour of the coating. Two components are mixed, and the hole is filled with the resulting composition. After the mixture dries, its upper part is removed so that the linoleum coating remains even: you can cut off excess glue with a sharp knife. Upon completion of the restoration, it is recommended to rub the linoleum with a special wax.
  • Using mastic and a piece of damaged linoleum. A small part of the coating must be cut off in a hidden place. With a sharp knife, scrape off the top coloured layer into the mastic. The resulting mixture fills the hole. The excess is also cut off with a knife, and the entire surface is waxed.

If it is difficult to find a patch of a suitable colour, then you can approach the solution of the problem with the creative.

And close the hole with a kind of application.Important: After gluing the works of creativity, it is necessary to treat the coating with a special varnish.

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