What To Know Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened?

We wonder how our favourite celebs always have a white and bright smile on and off camera, don’t we? The chief reason is that it takes a lot more than brushing and flossing your teeth to keep them top-notch. Most celebrities undergo a teeth-whitening process once or twice a year to keep up their charming smile. However, you don’t need to do so, as teeth whitening does not contribute directly to oral hygiene.

But if you have discoloured teeth that give you little confidence to show off your beautiful smile, you should also consider teeth whitening. Most unaware people start with in-house teeth-whitening products and processes as it is a cheaper alternative. Besides being affordable, they are suitable for nothing. We believe that only professionals can help you whiten your teeth with their professional knowledge and experience.

Say no more!

Here’s a guide to all the things to know before discovering options for teeth whitening in Grande Prairie. Read along.

1. Take a Professional Dental Consultation

First things first: start by consulting a dental professional before getting treated in reality. Dental professionals not only assess the health of your teeth and gums but also identify potential issues after thoroughly examining your overall dental condition. Finally, they recommend the ideal whitening treatment that matches your existing dental condition.

2. Identify The Best Teeth Whitening option For Yourself

Two different teeth whitening options are primarily available with a professional: in-office and at-home treatments. It is worth mentioning here that in both scenarios, a professional only undertakes the whitening process on your teeth.

While in-office treatments are quicker and have a more significant impact, at-home kits consume more time yet are super convenient. After you consult your dentist initially, discuss these two options with him and identify which one will work wonders as per your situation.

3. Potential Sensitivity

A few dental patients might have a history of sensitivity in the teeth or irritation in the gums. While not every time, teeth whitening procedures can sometimes lead to temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation problems.

This issue is more familiar with high-potential whitening treatments compared to basic ones. Hence, you should know your dental history and honestly reveal it to your dentist for further authentic recommendations.

4. Set Realistic Expectations

A clean whitening process might not give you all-white teeth across the mouth—there, we said it out loud! It happens because of multiple factors—first, the cleanliness of your current teeth. Further, the natural tooth colour and cause of discolouration also influence the final teeth whitening outcome. 

5. Address The Dental Conditions Before Whitening:

There could be several reasons behind the teeth’s discolouration. Staining from food and drinks or smoking could be one of them. In these circumstances, before teeth whitening, you should address the underlying dental problems as a priority. After reading this, your next step should be searching for a dentist near you and scheduling an early appointment.

6. Life of Whitened Teeth And Its Maintenance

Before whitening your teeth, you should know that the whitening is not permanent. Once you’re done with whitening, you might have to level up your oral hygiene to keep your smile shining white. Furthermore, you might have to get a few touch-up treatments from time to time.

7. Overdoing Teeth Whitening Is A Big No

While it might seem tempting to you, too often, teeth whitening is not advisable. It is because the bleaching products used in the process might prove harmful to the teeth’s enamel, cause gum irritation, or cause sensitivity.

Also, the dental damage to the enamel is irreversible and permanent. Hence, do not overdo the whitening process without consulting a dentist in Grande Prairie

8. You Can’t Whiten Restorations And Fillings

Having dental implants and fillings may be tricky when it comes to teeth whitening. That’s because the typical whitening process won’t effectively work on dental implants and the restorations beneath them. There may be a possibility of replacing the restorations after going through the whitening process.

Be honest with your dentist about dental implants, restoration, veneers, and similar conditions to ensure an effortless teeth whitening procedure. They might further guide you about the cost incurred after the whitening process to replace the dental restorations.


You should remember one thing before undergoing a whitening procedure: it is a cosmetic dental procedure. Moreover, it would be best to approach it with realistic expectations and prioritize oral health and hygiene above all.

Also, a second opinion might be okay before actually undergoing the teeth whitening procedure. Look out for the best options for teeth whitening near you and visit the top two dentistry’s.

At first, options like whitening toothpaste might tempt you a lot. But ultimately, it won’t deliver any qualitative results. Instead, go with the ideal method and consult a dentist near you.

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