What to Know While Traveling to Ibiza: The 6 Most Important Tips for Your Upcoming Trip

Ibiza is a delightful Spanish island created by nature for relaxation and entertainment. To spend time in Ibiza without disappointment, read the tips from experienced travelers in this article.

Tips for the perfect trip to Ibiza: what you need to know

The tips below will help you save time and money, as well as make the most of your time and create unforgettable memories.

Rent a car Ibiza is your first step

Traveling around Ibiza without a car is like torture – crowded public transport, long waiting times in the heat, and no way to hide from the omnipresent sun. Ensure your mobility and save time by renting a car with Interrent Ibiza.
This car rental company is an excellent find among other available car rentals on the island for tourists who are used to not overpaying for transport. At the same time, it is difficult to doubt the quality of the company’s services, because it is part of the well-known Europcar Group, one of the leaders in the rental cars Ibiza market, along with:

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Thrifty
  • Hertz

Renting in advance is especially important during the tourist season in Ibiza – from late spring to early autumn when the flow of people who want to rent a car is higher, and prices rise along with demand.

Take care of your skin

Get good sunscreen and use it everywhere in Ibiza, not only on the beach. The sun on the island is merciless and can ruin your vacation, burning the skin unprepared for such a climate.
Get a hat and sunglasses so that you don’t add wrinkles under your eyes by squinting into bright light – vacations are designed for rejuvenation, and not vice versa!

Discover the best beaches in Ibiza

Remember that during the tourist season, the beaches are crowded places, which can be uncomfortable if you were counting on peace and tranquility. Any local resident will confirm that the popular beaches for tourists are not the best in Ibiza. With a car and high mobility, you can come to the remote beaches of the west and east coasts.
You can also have time to visit the beach in the morning or evening when everyone is still sleeping or having fun in clubs. If you want maximum comfort, we recommend that you visit Formentera, the island next to the lively Ibiza, by ferry and enjoy the perfect beach.

Choose your place of residence wisely

Ibiza offers quality holidays for all tastes, so first decide on the format of the trip. When choosing a wellness program, look for remote resorts that offer healthy food, yoga, a gym, a beach, and a spa.
If your format is family holidays, pay attention to places away from the busy center and nightclubs. For partygoers on the island, there is always a daytime beach party or nightly parties in legendary clubs.

Holidays in Ibiza are expensive

Remember to plan your budget with a margin, like a good tourist. Book in advance everything that can be booked – you will avoid disappointment in the tourist season and find the best deal.
However, the cost of beer in a nightclub is always more than $10, proceed from this when planning an active holiday. Accommodation in a resort or hotel is expensive, but by having a car, you can spend the night in places remote from tourist points and save money.

Don’t ignore the local cuisine

One of the treasures of the island of Ibiza is its traditional cuisine. The dishes mainly consist of freshly caught seafood and spices. Be sure to try paella de mariscos – a seafood and rice dish, as well as local wines and liqueurs.
When in doubt, ask the staff for advice. The locals in Ibiza are friendly and happy to help with good advice. If you address the locals in Spanish, they will be as open to further communication as possible. To do this learn the words of greeting and a few polite phrases.

Discover the history of Ibiza, its culture, and legends

Visit Atlantis Beach to see the ancient quarry founded to build the majestic Dalt Vila and the defenses that still stand today. Visit the Phoenician ritual sites in honor of the goddess of fertility Tanit and visit the cave of the Buddha, from the time of the hippies.
Ibiza is not just a resort island, but a unique geographical feature under the auspices of UNESCO. Learn more details that make this island unique in this article – Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture.


The main tip for a good trip to Ibiza is not to stay in one corner of the island for the whole vacation, try to appreciate all the highlights – from local cuisine, parties, and nature to historical and cultural monuments.


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