What Would Be The Biggest HR Challenges In 2023?

Every business is affected by disruptive breakthroughs, radical thinking, and new business models. As a result, companies are realising that if they want to attract and retain employees, they need a clear and relevant goal for the coming year.

Leading and retaining employees is one of the most important HR decisions in today’s highly competitive market. As the workforce evolves and the employee lifecycle streamlines, so do employee expectations, with demands for better employee experiences and increased job satisfaction. These aspects have emerged as the most pressing HR challenges leaders, and organisations need to pay attention to in 2023. 

Biggest HR Challenges in 2023

Adapting to a hybrid working model

Industry surveys conclude that a successful hybrid work environment will remain relevant in 2023, even as fear of the pandemic fades. According to a survey by Nasscom and Indeed, approximately 70% of IT organisations attempt to make the hybrid model work. According to the survey, remote work increased employee satisfaction for 66% of respondents.

Organisations may have different definitions of the word “hybrid.” For example, some employees come to work a few days a week or every other day. Other companies may only require quarterly face-to-face meetings. Having arrangements for all kinds of hybrid work modules is difficult. Companies need to invest in smarter solutions like uKnowva HRMS that help them adjust to the changing norms of working modules. 

Winning the Talent War: Using IT and Technology to Recruit

HR departments must use AI to find and hire the right people to navigate the new competitive battle for talent, in addition to remote recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding. In 2023, the HRIS will gradually adopt AI in its daily operations, and the HR departments will follow. Artificial intelligence, like the one uKnowva HRMS offers, is already being used to filter the CVs of the most suitable candidates. 

During the initial screening process, virtual chat bots may ask candidates typical questions. Although AI is helping to speed up the hiring process, there are still several issues to address, such as discrimination and unequal hiring practices caused by AI bias.

Lack of productive workforce

Every day tasks are becoming more critical and crucial. It is hard for managers and leaders to ensure that the workforce is more productive without the intervention of automation.

Adopting newer technologies for the workforce can be challenging. Many out there might not be ready for the technology-driven tasks to be the core of their job descriptions. Thus, HRs need to implement a technology like uKnowva HRMS that maps the right KPI and goal for each employee from day one.

There will be less confusion when goals are defined. Reviews and appraisals will be on time for the employees. Thus, team leaders would know if their teams are more productive. 

Quiet Quitting

The big thing that we’ve heard is Quiet Quitting in 2022. And it is not going anywhere in 2023 either because it is not a new concept. It’s just a decade or more old concept with a new buzzword.  

This is when people do the bare minimum required by their job. They are detached from their organisation and dissatisfied with their role, but the job market has changed, and there may not be as many opportunities. We need to solve this problem by listening to employee frustrations and seeing what can be done. 

uKnowva HRMS allows employers to foster more internal communication and collaboration. That way, people at work can be more productive and feel more engaged at their workplaces. This is the need of the hour, even for remote workers, because they are more prone to isolation by working in silos. 

Organisational effectiveness

Company and team productivity and individual performance will be more in focus this year. To address this issue, we should emphasise the broader changes we can make to minimise inefficiencies and barriers to productivity. We will also need to prioritise more to ensure teams are primed for success.

Grow your people who deserve the appraisal

HR teams will need to ensure they develop their people more this year, as there will likely be fewer opportunities for promotion or career advancement than in previous years. How do you make personal growth more tangible without changing the title? That’s one of the crucial and primary concerns of the managers in 2022-23. 

However, the employee experience and employee lifecycle will improve only when people skill up and relearn. For this, proper and integrated performance management systems, projects and timesheets, and eLMS programs are to be present in the organisation. uKnowva HRMS provides all these to create the best journey possible for the employee and help them earn that growth in no time. 

Automation of data

Making data-driven decisions is still one of the biggest challenges for HRs in the industry. It will be so in 2023 if they cannot onboard the right technology like uKnowva HRMS. The system has to be simple, unified, and easy to use and understand. Without that, making decisions with a click of a button for daily complex business problems is impossible. 


HR has always been so crucial – we’ve seen that, especially during the pandemic. One of the big things in 2023 will be how to best guide employees through this time while avoiding burnout. More priorities do not mean better ones; you could risk failing them all. 

Set critical priorities to rally, communicate clearly, and reduce noise. Also, make sure your business goals are translated into departmental and team goals so it’s easy for people to know what is expected of them. Check that priorities and goals aren’t too stretched and focus on what’s most important, so people don’t feel like they have to work too hard if they’re scared of losing their jobs.

Don’t overload your teams with tons of new initiatives. HR has to leave their plans very flexible for next year because there are things we don’t know could or could not happen and how to respond. Refocus on what your business needs from you, organisational effectiveness and productivity, improving performance, and growing your talent internally when there aren’t many career shifts.

Implementing uKnowva HRMS ensures that HRs can conquer all these challenges without haste. It is a platform one can trust for the structuring of the workflows to create a 10x impact on business goals without disrupting the employee experience. 

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