What’s A Good Open-Source Project On OSC For Beginners To Contribute To?

Are you unfamiliar with open-source software? Are you unsure about where to begin or what to submit as your first contribution? Well! It is possible to compare the creation of open-source software to a vibrant ecosystem in which programmers may collaborate with individuals from all over the world, work on exciting projects, and further their careers. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to work with some incredibly amazing people, learn a lot, and get involved in the open-source community.

Beginners can work with experienced developers, obtain practical experience, and contribute to worthwhile initiatives through open-source projects. Finding the ideal assignment, though, might be challenging. We’ll look at a carefully selected selection of beginner-friendly open-source projects in this book, along with pointers on how to get going and contribute in a significant way.

8 Good Open Source Projects on OSC For Beginners

The Top 8 Open Source Projects for Beginners are listed below and can be accessed with ease at Open Source Collection. Go to the website for additional inspiration on similar projects!


Timegrid is a scheduling and appointment booking application, which was majorly designed to be taken up by service-based companies including salons, spa professionals, and also other individuals in the healthcare sector as well as consultants, etc. It provides for easy management of time schedules, appointments, and all relevant client information. Timegrid allows its clients to make bookings online and increases the efficiency of companies in terms of keeping track of scheduling time, and availability of their staff among other factors like customer preferences. 


Kanboard is a project management application that adheres to the Kanban methodology. When a program is in maintenance mode, it indicates that its tasks have been completed and it is error-free. It might also imply that the program is out of step with current developments in technology or with other users. This is the greatest option for you if you’re searching for a quality PHP project.


You have to check out his project if you’re excited about Laravel projects. For restaurants that wish to allow their patrons to book tables or place food orders online, TastyIgniter is a useful tool. It functions similarly to a dependable and expert system for overseeing these offerings. TastyIgniter is a community-supported project that continues to improve because of its amazing backers that contribute to its expansion. Furthermore, it is freely available for use and improvement to everyone under the terms of the MIT license.

Activity Watch System

Explore the world of ActivityWatch, an easy-to-use and customizable Python project. The primary objective is straightforward: gather important life data without violating your privacy. It accomplishes this by developing an app that lets you maintain information on your own device securely. Lastly, ‘ActivityWatch’ records the window title containing the active application, the active browser tab (with title and URL), & keyboard and mouse movements to ascertain whether you are gone from the computer. You are in charge of how much data you want to gather, and the project encourages user involvement by allowing new watches for different kinds of data to be made.


MediaCMS is a cutting-edge open-source program that makes managing media material and videos possible. It offers an adaptable framework for the modern World Wide Web, making the sharing and viewing of various content quite comfortable. MediaCMS, powered by cutting-edge technologies like Django and React, provides a REST API to enable seamless collaboration. Setting up a video hub, no matter how big or little, will only take a few minutes.


The ambitious project Tinode Instant Messaging Server seeks to revolutionize the instant messaging space, particularly for mobile devices. It aims to create a messaging system that will enable extremely secret conversations, using XMPP as a model. Because of this, governments find it difficult to monitor or filter your messages, making chat similar to conversing but with added privacy superpowers.


Akaunting is a specialized tool made for independent contractors and small enterprises. It is an open-source, free platform that functions similarly to your accountant. Using cutting-edge tools to manage business and finance themes, Akaunting makes use of RESTful API, VueJS Tailwind, Laravel, and additional technologies. The modular design of this personal accounting playground allows users and developers to make additional modifications.


A great tool for live video chats with friends or coworkers is MiroTalk. It’s quick, simple, and safe—exactly what you need for in-the-moment interactions. Even better, video conferencing with up to 4k resolution & 60 frames per second is possible. What’s the best thing, then? It functions flawlessly on whatever device or browser you use. We are currently demonstrating it on Hetzner, which is a leading cloud provider and server specialist. Just a little taste of how awesome and dependable Free WebRTC is! This is the ideal javascript project for you if you’re new to the language.

Tips To Discover An Open Source Project As A Beginner

If you would like to contribute to open-source projects but are unsure of where to begin, consider focusing on the issues rather than the projects. Tasks deemed suitable for beginners are often labeled “good-first-issue,” “help-wanted,” or “up-for-grabs” by project maintainers. You can search other projects for these labels or see if the project you’ve chosen has any of them.

Some websites also aggregate tasks that need assistance, which makes it easier for you to find relevant assignments. If you are able to help, you may have an incredibly exciting sense of accomplishment. Nothing beats successfully contributing to a software project; it’s posted on social media often.

Here are the tips for finding open-source projects as a beginner include the following:

  • Check Out GitHub’s Most Visited Repositories: GitHub Explore is an excellent starting point. It presents popular and trending repositories with the ability to filter by subjects, languages, collections, and other parameters. It also shows the stars and following of other developers.
  • Check out the “awesome-for-beginners” GitHub repository: This repository contains a collection of beginner-friendly projects organized by technology or programming language. It’s an extensive resource for finding beginner-friendly tasks.
  • Search GitHub themes: To find repositories, use particular GitHub themes or phrases. You have the option of doing a straight search or browsing by category, rating, forking, relevance, or date of update sorting. For example, if web development is your thing, check out
  • Examine Tech Job Platforms: A lot of businesses with a close relationship to open source began as GitHub repositories. Look through tech-specific job boards to locate posts from organizations that are actively involved in open source. This may lead to possibilities to work on interesting projects while giving back to the community and may provide insights into companies that value contributions to open source.

By pursuing these options, you may be able to locate employment possibilities with organizations that have a strong foundation in the open source community in addition to a rewarding open source project to contribute to.

Final Thoughts

Beginners can improve their abilities, grow their portfolios, and have a good influence on the developer community by contributing to open-source projects. Starting can be easy and rewarding if you have the correct tools and mentorship. Beginning with the projects mentioned above and heeding the advice given, novices can confidently dive into the world of open source.

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