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When And Why To File Lawsuit For Personal Injury From Car Accident?

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Suffering from a personal injury caused by a serious car accident is very unpleasant. During times like these, you deserve to receive what you are owed. There are steps you can take if your insurer refuses to pay you what you deserve.

You can sue the party responsible for your injury if they are not properly insured. Personal injury cases can be time-consuming but necessary to recover what you are owed. A personal injury lawyer can help you out in such times to understand how, when, and what you need to file a lawsuit.

The Rule of Time Limitation:

Each state has its own time limits for filing personal injury cases.  It is important to file the lawsuit as soon as possible so that the statute of limitations does not expire. Otherwise, the court will not hear your case and there is nothing your lawyer will be able to do to help you.

Contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible, even before dealing with an insurer. Often insurers will find creative and time-consuming ways to deny coverage.

It is helpful to take legal precautions to secure your right to recovery before being delayed further.  There are also situations where the severity of your injury isn’t properly understood at first. Later, the long term effects begin to show, or another health issue is caused by or secondary to the injury caused by the accident. It is not always possible to know the extent of an injury until many years following an accident, but if the statute of limitations has expired by then, you may be unable to recover anything.

High Medical Expenses:

One of the primary purposes for personal injury insurance is to cover medical expenses. You should see a board-certified medical professional who can diagnose and identify any injuries immediately following an accident.

The court will want to see this medical documentation as evidence that the medical conditions result from the accident. If you put off seeking medical consultation for too long following an accident, you might not be able to convincingly prove that the accident is the reason for your condition.

If You Are Losing Wages:

A personal injury can cause short-term or long-term disability, which can limit your income. If you can no longer continue your job due to a car accident injury, you may not be able to claim sufficient insurance coverage for your losses. Freelance workers, for example, such as delivery drivers, cab drivers, rideshare operators, etc., need their vehicles to earn money. They could also suffer property damage, mental shock, and other temporary disabilities that affect their ability to earn a living. In these cases, the best option may be to sue.

If Your Loved One Is Injured:

Often, yours is not the only life that is changed. Your loved ones’ lives can change too. You are not limited to claiming damages for your own injuries. You can also claim damages for your closest loved ones who may not have their own legal options.

A car accident lawyer will help you to understand the rules pertaining to your case. Contact us when you are injured in a car accident. We will help you to file within the right time frame and will thoroughly investigate your case to determine your best legal recourse.

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