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When Do We Need to Call For An Ant Control Specialist?

There are thousands of species of ants all over the world, and these are the most common house pests. At first, these little pests can seem harmless, but you may not know that they are already damaging your house. However, if there aren’t too many ants in your home, you may experience little to no damage at all. So when is the best time to call for pest control services in Nashville?

Chewed Wiring and Insulation

Ants chew many things in a property to eat or create their nest. One of those things is wiring, insulation, and even metals. Crazy raspberry ants are the species of ants that are known to have this kind of behavior. They may chew on your electrical wires and other electrical appliances to eat anything they can eat or build nests on it. This is dangerous because chewing wiring and insulation may cause a fire or short circuit. 

Broken or Rotten Wood

Another thing that ants chew or eat is wood. Carpenter ants are the ones that are commonly known to chew wood. They are the reason for most of the property damage across different countries in the world. They would eat anything in your house made of wood to create their nest or make their way to eat your food. For example, foods in your kitchen cabinet can attract ants. Ants are always looking for food and will do anything they can to get the food they want. That means they will break down your cabinets just to gain access to your food. In addition, drywall is also susceptible to this damage as it is made of wood. If you have drywall in your house, ants can weaken them by chewing them down. As a result, you might see your drywall cracking, small or big holes, tears, and popping nails. 

Contaminated Food

You might have seen ants that are traveling carrying food before. Ants, specifically worker ants, will return the food they found to their nests. They travel from one place to another, and they can pick up bacteria from the places they’ve been to. Additionally, some species of ants already carry bacteria on their exoskeleton, like pharaoh ants. Once ants got in contact with your food, they can contaminate them. Contaminated food can cause symptoms like diarrhea, fever, or vomiting. If you have experienced this after eating, what you have eaten has likely been contaminated. 

Ant Nets

Ants build nests, and you can see these nests all over your home if you have an ant infestation. Ant nests or mounds look like piles of dirt that are dome-shaped or flat. They look like a small volcanoes. If you find these nests, it means that there are many ants in your house, and there are many more to come. 

Ant Bites

All ants can bite, but you may not feel most of them. However, some ant species can cause painful bites. One of the common ant species that have a painful bite is fire ants. They will sting you and release venom under your skin that can cause mild to severe allergy reactions. You may also see physical indications of fire ant bites, like redness or swelling and a small white bump in the infected area. Luckily, they only sting and bite when they feel threatened. 

Call Ant Pest Control Now!

If you are experiencing at least one of the above indications of ant infestation, it is best to call ant exterminator Nashville to eliminate ant infestation in your home. If the area is your business or company, you may also call for commercial pest control to eliminate unwanted ants effectively. You might also take matters into your own hand by eliminating things that attract ants, using baking soda or borax, or eating them. Yes, you can eat ants! If you can find ants and catch them, you can make chocolate-covered ants to help eradicate the presence of ants on your property. 

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