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When The Third Season Of ‘Sex Education’, The Acclaimed Netflix Series Premieres

It is a revolutionary series. Not only because he tries to focus on a subject as taboo as sex but also because his goal is to educate. It is no coincidence that the name they gave it is ‘Sex Education’British production company  Eleven launched the creation and Netflix gave it the space to stream it for millions of people, who quickly became enthusiastic about the proposal.

The production became known worldwide exactly on January 11, 2019, when the premiere date on the American platform took place. And after the success that it acquired in a very short time, it was confirmed that a second part would be launched in 2020.

On January 17, season 2 was released and acquired a greater buzz than the first, to the point that fans were left waiting for what will happen in the third installment. What will happen to ‘Otis’ and ‘Maeve’? The story has been left open and millions of fans seek to clarify the doubts.

In Spoiler, we tell you in detail everything you need to know about the third season of ‘Sex Education’, the comedy and drama genre series that has been talked about everywhere. A key to keep in mind is what Netflix has published a few months ago: it is a small preview, in which the director ‘Groff’, father of ‘Adam’ appears.

“Today I will be an art historian, while we examine this exquisite gallery,” begins the director, with a funny tone. And then go through a series of paintings featuring the main characters. But, punctually, it emphasizes a play in which ‘Eric’ and his son ‘Adam’ meet, who have a secret relationship. With the goal of generating uncertainty, he says about the end of the video:  “I wonder what fate holds for these two cherubs. Well, I suppose they will have to find out in the third season, right?”.

+ When The Third Season Of ‘sex Education’ Premieres:

Due to the problems caused by Covid-19, the filming had to be suspended. With this in mind, Netflix plans to release the third part of the series in January 2021.



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