Where are Michael Dally and Diana Haun Now Know All the Details Here!

Sherri Dally’s tragic murder remains seared into American consciousness, as her tragic love triangle with Michael Dally and Diana Haun continues. Both individuals currently are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole; here’s more information on their current situations.

Michael Dally: Life Behind Bars

Michael Dally was recently found guilty of first-degree murder for the death of Sherri Dally and is being housed at California Health Care Facility located in Stockton. This facility offers specialized healthcare services and operates at minimum-security levels.

Seeking Clemency and Maintaining Innocence

Michael Dally was found guilty after an extensive two-month trial and has consistently asserted his innocence ever since. In 2018 he submitted an application to California for clemency; unfortunately no information regarding its progress can be given at this time. Regardless of his conviction Michael remains defiant in trying to clear himself of any blame regarding his wife’s tragic demise.

Diana Haun: Life in Prison

Diana Haun was found guilty on multiple charges in 1997 including first-degree murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder/kidnap; she currently resides at California Institution for Women – Riverside County serving her life sentence. This institution operates at minimum to medium-security levels.

Failed Appeal and Life in Incarceration

In 2000, Diana Haun appealed her conviction, citing the inclusion of testimonies related to a previous affair with a married man and allegations of practicing witchcraft as compromising elements during her trial. However, her appeal was ultimately unsuccessful, and she continues to serve her life sentence.

Remembering Sherri Dally

Sherri Dally’s murder has had far-reaching repercussions, not only for her immediate family but for the wider community at large. Deprived of both parents, her sons filed suit against Diana resulting in an $6.4 million settlement between themselves and Diana. However, the probability of receiving the full amount remains uncertain due to legal costs and Diana’s annuity being utilized for her defense.

NBC Dateline: A Deeper Look into the Case

The NBC Dateline episode airing this Friday will provide an in-depth examination of Sherri Dally’s murder. It will feature investigative reporting and interviews, offering a comprehensive look into the tragic crime and its aftermath. The episode is expected to offer new insights and generate further discussions about this devastating crime.

Michael Dally and Diana Haun continue serving their life sentences despite appeals and pleas for mercy for the horrific crime committed against Sherri Dally, serving as poignant reminders of both their tragic actions as perpetrators, as well as of our need for justice for victims of such atrocious crime.

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