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Where is Bo Dallas Now?

Since his departure from WWE in 2021, Bo Dallas has actively explored life beyond the wrestling ring. The former WWE superstar has expanded his horizons, immersing himself in various pursuits. The most notable among these is his romantic entanglement with Liv Morgan, another prominent WWE talent. The couple’s passion for life away from the spotlight led them to establish a farm where they currently reside. Bo and his partner set off into real estate business as family venture. While fans eagerly anticipate his return, Bo appears content in his current journey and does not wish for any return to wrestling arena.

What Happened to Bo Dallas?

Bo Dallas’s relationship with WWE came to an abrupt end in April 2021. Bo’s departure came as an abrupt shock for fans who had followed him since 2006. Although Bo had experienced ups and downs throughout his wrestling journey, his commitment and passion remained undeniable. While reasons behind Bo’s exit remain unknown, this mark the start of an exciting new chapter in Bo’s life. Transitioning from the high-paced world of wrestling, he shifted focus to explore different avenues, notably in the real estate sector, alongside his partner, Liv Morgan.

What is Bo Dallas Doing Now?

The post-WWE phase of Bo Dallas’s life is one of introspection and rediscovery. Moving away from the rigorous demands of professional wrestling, Bo’s current endeavors revolve around his real estate venture and personal life. Living with Liv Morgan on their farm, the duo has dedicated significant energy to their real estate business. For Bo, this period signifies a departure from his past while aligning himself with fresh beginnings. While the rumor mills are rife with speculations of a return, there is no concrete news confirming such claims.

Bo Dallas AEW Speculation

Since his WWE exit, the wrestling community has been buzzing with rumors about Bo Dallas’s potential affiliations. One recurring speculation is his association with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). However, as of 2021, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding Bo signing with AEW or any other wrestling promotions. Fans, ever hopeful, continue to speculate, but until there’s an official announcement, Bo Dallas’s association with AEW remains unconfirmed.

Bo Dallas’s Personal Life

Beyond the wrestling ring, Bo Dallas’s personal life has been a topic of interest for many. Formerly married to Swedish arm-wrestling champion, Sarah Bäckman, their relationship concluded in 2019. Later, he started a new chapter with WWE superstar Liv Morgan. The couple’s relationship extends beyond personal connection, as they collaborate in their shared real estate business venture. Their farm life reflects their desire for privacy and a life away from the constant scrutiny of public eyes.

Bo Dallas’s Legacy in Wrestling

Bo Dallas’s imprint on professional wrestling is undeniable. Despite facing challenges on WWE’s main roster, his contributions to its developmental territories remain commendable. His achievements, especially in FCW and NXT, reflect his dedication to the craft. Bo Dallas made history when, as part of the B-Team, he secured the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship – cementing his legacy and inspiring hope among wrestling fans that more will see Bo in years to come.

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