Where is JaMarcus Russell now? All the Details You Need to Know!

You might recall JaMarcus as the talented quarterback drafted by the Oakland Raiders first overall in 2007. Russell’s NFL career has not lived up to expectations. He is widely considered as one of the worst draft busts ever. Where is JaMarcus now? This article will look at his life since football ended and see what he’s up to now.

JaMarcus Russel’s Football Career

Let’s take a quick look at JaMarcus Russell’s football career before we get into his current endeavors. Russell was a quarterback at Louisiana State University and played college football. Russell’s impressive college career resulted in him being selected first overall by Oakland Raiders at the 2007 NFL Draft.

Russell signed a 6-year contract worth $68 million with the Raiders. This made him one of highest-paid football players in the NFL. Russell struggled to perform on the field and his commitment and work ethic were questioned by his teammates and coaches. Russell was released by the Raiders in 2010 after just three seasons.

Russell tried to make a return with the Seattle Seahawks, but was released in the preseason. His football career ended.

JaMarcus Russ’s Life After Football

JaMarcus has been largely out of the spotlight since his release from Seahawks. There have been some glimpses of what JaMarcus Russell is doing these days.

In 2016, Bleacher Report wrote an article on Russell’s life after football. The article stated that Russell had shed a considerable amount of weight, and was trying to make a comeback into the NFL. He worked with former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia, and was in better shape than in previous years.

Russell’s attempt to make a comeback failed, and since then he has faded into obscurity. Russell has no social media presence, and he hasn’t given any interviews over the past few years.

Russell reportedly runs a business called Layin’ Low, which sells grillz. According to an article in Bleacher Report, Russell’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of bling led him to create the company.

Russell, in addition to running his grillz company, is also active in youth football. An article in The Undefeated states that Russell is a volunteer quarterback coach at Mobile High School in Alabama. Russell enjoys helping young players develop their skills.

The conclusion of the article is:

Where is JaMarcus now? He seems to be living a low-key lifestyle and avoiding the spotlight. He has tried to make a comeback with the NFL, and is also involved in youth football. However, his career post-football has been largely focused on his grillz company.

JaMarcus’ football career was disappointing, but it is evident that he has passion for the sport. It remains to be determined if he will make another comeback, but for the time being, he’s content to stay low and pursue other interests.

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