Where to buy composite hoses

Interested in ordering composite hoses? This popular type of flexible hose is one of the most versatile constructions available. Made by binding spirals of wire with layers of tough polymer materials, composite hoses are extremely robust, despite being very lightweight and movable.

With no potentially weak joins from sealant or welding, you can bend a composite hose into the required position and transport all kinds of liquids and gases through it without worrying about it breaking down. We’re sure you already know all this, though, since you’re looking to buy them!

However, you might still have some questions about buying composite hoses. For example, is a composite hose definitely the right choice for you? If so, where can you find these products for a good price? Can you make a completely custom order? Let’s look into these concerns a bit more.

Are composite hoses the best flexible hose on the market?

Composite hoses are absolutely one of the best choices on the flexible hose market, due to their ability to meet a range of mechanical requirements. More flexible than stainless steel hoses and with higher pressure resistance than most other types, composite hoses are incredibly adaptable.

You can choose from a range of composite materials, including a selection of metal alloys for the wire helixes and polymer films or fabrics for the binding. This makes it possible to customise the hose to ensure that the materials are compatible with the substances you need them to carry.

With excellent corrosion resistance and no direct path for substances to leak through, the multiple layers prevent the hose from rupturing. If leaks do happen, they’ll eventually build up around the seams and be visible from the outside. This will give you enough time to safely address the issue.

Where can you buy composite hoses online?

When you place an order for composite hoses online, any reputable flexible hose supplier will expect you to provide your usage specifications so that they can manufacture your hoses to the right technical requirements. Some of the things you’ll need to consider before ordering hoses include:

  • Purpose of the hose (e.g. suction/discharge of fuels, oils, and hydrocarbons)
  • Chemical compatibility of hose materials and substances (adequate corrosion resistance)
  • Dimensions and locations (usually range from 1-4” diameter and up to 20m long)
  • Working temperatures (normally -30°C up to 115°C)
  • Operating pressures (e.g. 10.5 – 14 bar)

The supplier can help you to identify the best flexible hose for your needs, including the appropriate end fittings. Since composite hoses aren’t a one-size-fits-all construction, you may not receive a price quote until after you’ve provided your details – but they should be competitively priced.

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