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Where to find an English-speaking gym in Seoul

Finding a gym isn’t too difficult, but if you’re a foreigner looking for an English speaking gym in Seoul, then it may be a challenge since speaking English isn’t really necessary in the gym for locals. Ziptoss has made a list of English-speaking gyms around Seoul, South Korea.

  • 24/7 Gyms

GOTO Fitness

GOTO Fitness is a gym chain with branches in Seoul, Itaewon, and Busan. They are open all day and have a range of services such as treadmills, GX(group exercise) classes, screen golf, personal training, weightlifting equipment, and cycles.


SpoAny is another chain gym that operates 24 hours a day, they have 82 branches located all around Seoul and Incheon. SpoAny has affordable prices with full amenities and some staff members can speak English well to explain their packages if you want to sign up for a membership.

  • Foreigner-Friendly Gyms

Fitclub Seoul- Personal training

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, one gym to check is Fitclub Seoul. They base their training according to the client’s goal and needs. They also have complete facilities fit for every kind of workout.

Seoul City Crew-Personal training

Another personal training gym is Seoul City Crew. They offer membership packages including customized nutrition plans and exercise programs together with full access to the gym. They also have a bodybuilding package complete with a photo shoot.

The Flow Room- Yoga studio

If you’re looking for a calmer atmosphere, then this yoga studio is the place for you. The flow Room is located in Itaewon, they offer various classes like Kundalini, Zumba, Vinyasa, they even have a motherhood yoga class.

Pete’s Gym- Fitness studio

Pete’s Gym offers martial arts classes like Jiu-jitsu, MMA fighting, and Krav Maga. They also offer yoga classes for those who are more into relaxing exercises. Pete’s gym is located in Seoul city.

  • Free Outdoor Gyms

For those who are more interested in exercising outdoors, there are many places you can refer to.

  1. Public parks have outdoor workout machines, usually used by elders. These machines are free to use all day.
  2. Having a run on a path along the Han River is a good way to exercise as well, there are a lot of outdoor gyms, restrooms, convenience stores, and coffee shops along your run.
  3. Taking a hike up the mountains around Seoul is another option if you’re up for an adventure and if you want to see beautiful views of the city.

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