Which Are Some Good Short Anime Series In UK?

Anime is one of the most famous genres in the world that is followed and watched by millions. Despite its popularity, the stretching length of some of the widely acclaimed anime series in UK can be a red flag, especially for newcomers.

Anime enthusiasts in UK will fervently recommend One Punch Man, Naruto, My Hero Academia, or Fullmetal Alchemist, but these iconic TV series have tons of episodes, making them somewhat a long-term commitment, without any exaggeration.

Short anime TV series in UK may not create a big hype, but they can be equally entertaining and exciting as their protracted counterparts. As a starter, who is just going to develop a taste in the anime genre, we suggest you start off with short anime series or films. In fact, there are some of the best anime movies on HBO Max UK that you can watch to jump on the anime bandwagon.

With gripping plots, exciting stories, and powerful characters, these short UK anime series put together beautiful artwork and compelling storylines. If you can’t afford the luxury of spending hours in front of your screens, these TV series are a great alternative to delve into the world of anime.

Luckily, there are several one-season, short anime series for viewers who don’t have much time to spare. Covering all eras and genres, we are introducing some of the best UK anime franchises that you should not miss out on.

Here are the 10 best short anime series in UK that are a must-watch!

10. Daily Lives of High School Boys

High School life is one of the most memorable phases in the life of every person. Daily Lives of High School Boys is arguably among the most humorous anime series in UK that deserve your watch time. This slapstick comedy offers ludicrous scenarios to make you laugh hysterically.

Through this fairly short anime series, you will definitely relate to some of the memorable experiences of your high school life. A perfect mix of humor, wittiness, action and a perfect ending, Daily Lives of High School Boys is a perfect option to watch!

9. Terror in Resonance

When a violent terror attack rocks Tokyo, the only thing that can give any clue about the terrorists is a perplexing video gone viral on the internet. Seemingly, the perpetrators are two juvenile boys.

Terror in Resonance has a uniquely scripted plot and a gripping story. This crime-drama miniseries has a perfect mix of strong characters, impressive sound effects, and superb animation. Don’t let a few average episodes in the series mislead you, as you will have a rather impressive short anime series in UK at your hands.

8. Another

Sakakibara shifts to a new city where he meets a girl named Misaki in school, whom everyone seems to be avoiding. After interacting with Misaki on a few occasions, Sakakibara finds himself trapped between a vortex of fear and the mysterious reality of this peculiar girl and the city.

Horror is among those genres that provide ultimate entertainment and thrill, even with a typical plot. TV series Another is such a compelling anime that will hook you up to the horror genre even if it’s not your piece of cake.

With an exciting plot, intense scenarios, oblivious situations, and mysterious characters, it will ask you to finish it in one go.

7. Death Parade

Quindecim is a mysterious place where people are sent when they die, where they are judged on whether they are qualified to be reincarnated or not. Acting as the arbiter is Decim, who gets to decide the soul’s qualifications. What will be his decision, when he has to decide a young boy’s fate which initially seems like an impossible task?

At the start, it feels like nothing is fair in this anime, but as you reach the end, it all starts to piece up together, which will make you love it.

If you like Psychological anime then you should definitely watch this one.

6. Angel Beats

After dying, Otonashi arises in the afterlife forgetting all about his past. There he meets Yuri, who takes him to join Afterlife Battlefront, the war against God. Can he ever recall his past memories?

There is no anime in UK with this kind of tear-jerking and most beautiful ending ever and if you say so then it’s only because you haven’t watched Angel Beats yet. 

Even though this anime is not some kind of masterpiece, however, you’ll wish for it to have just one more episode. It takes its time to hook up the viewer.  According to us, it is one short anime for any kind of anime lover.

5. No Game No Life

Famously known as the unbeaten duo of online games, Sora and Shiro, are called upon in a game world where your fate depends on it. What’s the god’s purpose behind it? But keep in mind that the duo’s ability to predict the next move of the opponent is just spectacular. 

No Game No Life falls into that anime where the protagonist is a remarkable genius. If you have not seen a quality short anime in UK for a while, this can fill up that gap.

4. One-Punch Man

Saitama became a hero just for fun, and now he can execute any of his enemies with one single punch. So now, he started to get bored with this lifestyle and wants a strong opponent to feel some thrill, living his days typically.

One Punch Man probably falls into one of the best short anime in UK along with Death Note. a large number of people like it, and let us tell you that it is hilarious. The story is just very average, but the character Saitama is worth each and every minute you watch it.

3. Charlotte

In a horrible world where special ability people are used as guinea pigs in experiments after abducting them, Yuu Otosaka, who has a very unique ability, teams up with Nao Tomori. Can they together bring any change to the world?

Seeing Charlotte you get to know that it is not necessary to come up with 50 episodes to make a beautiful, romantic, and emotional interaction or a beautiful ending. Charlotte anime has each and everything having only thirteen episodes. Every step is executed in an outstanding way that we highly recommend.

2. Erased

If you ever got into a weird phenomenon with yourself that you can go back to the past, what’s the thing that comes into your mind that you will do? Well in Erased, Satoru Fujinima makes a decision to save a person from the past when he was just a child. Will he be able to do that?

Erased’s plot takes on the solid premise of the time traveling concept, and what comes after it happens is just flawless. The anime has a fantastic pace of the story from the start to its end. 

1. Violet Evergarden

Having grown up in warmongering land, Violet used to be treated like a weapon due to her abilities. However, when Gilbert came into her life, everything changed.

Violet Evergarden is an anime series that will leave you in tears. It’s a masterpiece with very beautiful visual animation. If you have not seen this masterpiece of an anime yet, take some time and add it to your anime watch list because sooner or later it will make its way there.

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