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Brewing is the act of adding coffee grounds to water at the right temperature. After that, let it cool. There are over 20 ways to make coffee. Each method is different and requires different time.

The holiday season is approaching in Canada, and the United States. People are interested to learn more about Which Brewing Technique Takes the Longest.

What is Brewing?

Brewing is the third stage in the preparation of coffee. Here hot water is combined with the coffee grounds. Fine coffee powder is left to steep in hot water for a specific amount of time. Grinded coffee beans, however, are steeped for a longer time in hot water so the flavor is mixed well. Also, If you prefer espresso from a coffee machine, you can try Sanremo coffee machines.

Let’s look at six common methods and how long they take to brew.


Aeropress coffee baskets are made up of three components. The coffee is brewed in the brew chamber using hot water. Press a plunger to force the coffee out of the basket. What Brewing Method Takes the Most ? It takes about 2 minutes to brew.

Pour over coffee cone:

There are many options for coffee cones: stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and plastic. The cone is placed above the coffee pot. The coffee grounds can be placed in the cone and hot water evenly poured over them. The taste of coffee depends on the type of cone used. Brewing takes approximately 3 minutes.

Pour over Chemex:

Chemex is 30% heavier than other coffee conicals. Chemex paper can be used in the same way as coffee cones. The coffee grounds are placed into the Chemex. Water is then evenly poured on top. Brewing takes approximately four minutes.

Use the French Press method for determining which Brewing Method is the most time-consuming:

The coffee grounds are steeped in hot water and then soaked in it. The coffee grounds then get pressed using a plunger. This releases essential oils, flavors and aromas. This process is used for stronger, bitterer, and more flavorful coffee. It takes 4 minutes to brew.

Stovetop Pot Moka Pot:

On the stove-top, a Moka Pot is installed. The coffee grounds absorb the steam created by boiling water. The upper chamber collects the steam-brewed coffee. The process takes approximately five minutes.


Siphon refers to the Brewing Method with the longest time (6 minutes). It’s a fuzzy process in which steam from hot coffee passes through the grounds. The brewed coffee is then collected in a bottom vessel after the heat has been removed.


When the ground coffee beans are ready to use, you need to mix them with sufficient water to preserve their strong flavor. The water must be at the right temperature since the coffee beans’ aromatic oils are released at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Aeropress takes less time than siphon brewing and takes longer to brew.

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