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Which herbs help you in increasing sexual stamina?

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Is your sexual stamina decreasing day-by-day? Not today is the common response you give to your partner whenever they try to spice things up. However, losing these urges could be the result of the stress you have been having for quite some time. Luckily, there are herbs for stamina in bed that are easily available in the market. 

Reasons behind the decreasing levels of stamina in the bed

Other than any, the hormonal factor also relates to the lower levels of stamina in the bed. The other reasons could be the prescribed drugs, alcohol intake, smoking, and high blood pressure. When a male suffers from lower levels of sexual arousement, then surely their testosterone levels are lower. 

Females are more likely to get this in comparison to males. In females, the reason could be any gynaecologist conditions, neurologist conditions, and anxieties. For normalizing and boosting the sexual life, one can consult with any sexologist in Lucknow

For creating a bond that lasts a lifetime, a couple needs to maintain the physical and the mental relation equally. Ayurveda can help in building the stamina one needs in the bed.

Below are the herbs that help you in increasing your sexual stamina. 

  1. Shilajit

Shilajit increases testosterone levels in males. So when you are trying to increase the sex sessions between the sheets, this is the world’s best herb to your rescue. The symptoms of the lower testosterone levels are fatigueness, low stamina in bed, and loss of muscle mass. 

You can find this herb on any of the local pharmacists. This herb also helps in building the quality of the sperm. It increases the sperm count. So it is also helpful for those couples that are trying to conceive. 

  1. Ashwagandha

This herb also comes in handy when dealing with lower sexual arousal in females. For decreasing erectile dysfunction in males, ashwagandha gives some ideal results. Studies have shown that the consumption of the ashwagandha can improve the libido in males. 

And increase the sexual satisfaction in the females. During the study, the participants consume the ashwagandha for about eight weeks. Do consult Dr. S.K. Jain sexologist, for the exact dosage of the ashwagandha for you. 

  1. Gokshura

This herb is one of the best herbs, which is also tested in the studies. This herb is proven to be more beneficial for men than females. Due to the stress, the sperm count can become lower in men. When the condition increases, then it could be called erectile dysfunction. According to the studies, the consumption of this herb for sixty days can help in boosting sexual desire. 

  1. Shatavari

Shatavari helps in the improvisation of the sex life among the couples. It also gives the energy for spicing the things in the bedroom. Shatavari also helps in building female fertility. It provides nourishment to the ovum resulting in the easiness of childbearing. 

This herb helps in improving many sexual disorders like impotence and premature ejaculation. It also boosts the immune system and maintains blood sugar levels. Do take the herbs for stamina in bed to keep the spark alive.

  1. Saffron

Saffron comes in handy when dealing with many human problems. Specialists also study the benefits of saffron. Saffron helps in boosting the sex life of couples. This herb improves the sexual dysfunctions in women and men as well. 

Consumption of saffron also improves mood and helps in treating depression. When erectile dysfunction is related to the mental health of the person, then this herb is best. Do take 30mg of it daily for consecutively four weeks for better results. 


These herbs are safe to consume; however, you may have to consult your doctor to avoid the consumption if you are allergic to any. Taking these herbs helps in maintaining sexual life in the long run. But don’t forget to consult a sexologist, they can help you decide the right dosage according to your needs as the professionals know the best. Also, maintain stress levels and physical health. Invest in a healthy lifestyle for improving life. 

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