Which is better: Real Money or Free to Play Casinos?

Whether you want to play online slots for a day or become a hobbyist poker player, you have two choices. You can play your favorite casino game for the fun of it. Or, you can play to win real money.

There is no wrong decision. Yet, both types of games have their benefits and disadvantages. Find out more below.

Real Money Casino Games

Real money gambling takes place at regulated casinos. You can visit a local brick-and-mortar casino. Alternatively, you can join an online casino. Visit for an overview of the best real-money casinos in the US.

Although creating an account at a real money casino site is free, you must deposit money before you can play your favorite games. You can deposit a minimum of $10 at most betting sites.

Should you play casino games for real money? Below are some of the best benefits:

  • More Exciting

Playing casino games for real money is exciting. You’re invested in the whole experience. You want to know what happens next. Will you trigger the bonus round? What cards will you get next?

If you’ve ever played the lottery, you probably know that the best part of it is waiting for the results. You know there’s a chance you won’t win. Yet, you can’t keep calm until you know whether you’ve won.

Truth be told, some casino games are more exciting than others. Slots and roulette deliver an adrenaline rush you can’t get from keno or bingo. Real-money poker is also more entertaining than the free-to-play version.

  • High-Quality Games

Free slots are great. But they’re not even close to real money games when it comes to quality. Software developers invest all their resources in real-money games. That’s how they make money, after all.

To expound more, real money games have better graphics. Just take a look at any live casino game. The visuals are top-level. You play against human opponents. And you have a virtual console to adjust bets.

Some free-to-play casino games offer quality experiences. But many of them lag, especially multiplayer games. They also feature repetitive soundtracks and get boring once quickly.

  • You Can Win Money

This one is pretty obvious. Playing slots for real money can win you more money. And who hates winning money? You can win as little as 2x your stake to as much as $20 million.

Now, winning is never guaranteed. So, don’t spend all your rent money on a slot machine hoping to trigger a jackpot. Instead, spend money you can afford to lose. Also, choose casino games carefully.

If you like slots, find games with high payouts. They give you the best chance of winning. Regarding table games like roulette and blackjack, focus on the casino edge. It needs to be low. Also, learn tricks and techniques to improve your card skills.

  • A Wide Range of Games

Another benefit of joining a real money casino is that you have access to hundreds of unique games. The typical gambling site in 2023 has 300+ slots and table games. 

These games come from different software companies: NetEnt, Evolution, Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, and Relax Gaming to name a few. All you need is to determine your interests.

If you like simple to-play games, choose slots. More specifically, select spaces inspired by things you love: ancient mythologies, sports, TV shows, and video games.

If you like challenges, play poker or blackjack. These games require critical thinking to win consistently. You may also need to download a cheat sheet for blackjack.

Free Play Casino Games

Although you don’t win money when you play free games, don’t overlook them. There are some benefits to playing slots and roulette online for the fun of it:

  • No Account Required

The best free-to-play games don’t ask for your email address. You download an app from the play store. And you play your favorite games. Usually, you receive free chips to play slots, blackjack, or whatever game you select.

As no account is needed to play these free-to-play games, they make for great ways for just about anybody. No matter where they reside. If you’ve always wanted to try your luck at casino gaming, take the leap with one of the free versions first!

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  • Free to Play

The best benefit of playing free-to-play casino games is that you don’t spend your money. As mentioned, these games give you free chips every day. Some of them also charge you for chips. But you don’t have to buy it.

Free casino chips help you simulate real money gambling. You can play a slot machine while trying to trigger its progressive jackpot. If you’re lucky, you can win millions of dollars by playing these games. The only catch is that you can’t withdraw the money.

  • No Risk of Problem Gambling

Let’s face it. The biggest risk of gambling real money online is that it can turn into a problem. You can become addicted. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. It doesn’t discriminate between genders.

And that’s why some people avoid real money games at all costs. To be fair, not every real money gambler turns into an addict. You can play casino games without ever becoming a problem gambler.

The secret is to play casino games for fun and not to win money. Also, play using the money you don’t need for essentials.

Your Turn

If you have a dilemma on whether to choose real money or free-to-play casino games, consider the factors we’ve mentioned above. If you don’t want to spend money, play demo slots. 

Those seeking an exciting casino experience should spend just enough money on their favorite games – remembering they may win or lose; try not to become preoccupied by money aspect of casino gaming!

Prioritize having a delightful time during your free time. If you win money, it’s just a bonus for you.

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