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Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People :- Who’s Had The Most Kills in History?

One of the most shocking incidents we find is when we go back through history to see the criminal and crime rates. Criminals do more than kill innocent children. They also hurt, torture, straddle, mummify, store remains of dead bodies, assault, sodomize, and murder people.

People in the United States were curious about Luis Garavito’s and Pedro Lopez’s murders of more than 300 victims. Let’s look at What Serial Killer Killed Most People.

About Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos:

Luis (also known as The Monster from Genova) was born 25 January 1957 to Rosa Delia Cubillos, and Manuel Antonio Garavito, both in Colombia.

His crimes include the physical assault of corpses and minor children aged between 6-16 years and pederast, tortures and mutilation as well as murders of over 200 minors. He committed suicide at 23 years of age.

Policia Nacional de Colombia detained him in April 1999. He was sentenced in April 1999 to 2,710 year and 9 days total imprisonment.

Who’s Had The Most Kills in History?

Sources claim that Luis Garavito, Pedro Lopez and Pedro Lopez were the most prolific serial killers. Luis crimes span from 1980 to 1999. It covers Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela.

Pedro Alonso Lopez:

Pedro, also known as “The Monster of The Andes”, was born to Benilda and Pedro Lopez De Casteneda in Colombia. As a child, he saw his mother perform whoredom acts. Sources claim that he assaulted his sister in an attempt to physically assault her at the age eight. This led to him being expelled from their home.

He physically assaulted over 110 underage girls and killed over 300 people.

He was sentenced at 16 years in prison. His psychiatric state was so bad that he was sent to Colombia’s psychiatric treatment facility.



According to reports, Luis’s mother and father attacked Luis physically and emotionally. Rosa was also violent. Both were unhappy in their marital relationships. Pedro saw a dark childhood as a result of his mother’s illicit profession. Inflicting violence on your child in the earliest years of childhood can make you a criminal.

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