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Which TV Wall Bracket Is Best?

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Do you want to get rid of neck strain? Do you want to experience the best TV viewing experience with the right TV wall bracket? Then choosing the right TV bracket wall mount online in UAE is important when mounting a television on the wall.

However, while deciding, you must consider which type of wall mount will fit you, how much space will occupy it, and your viewing experience. Every type of wall bracket has unique features and different installation processes.

Here, we will walk you through different types of wall brackets, and after reading through them, you will know which one is right for you.

3 Types of Wall Brackets to Consider in UAE

There are 3 main types of TV wall brackets based on unique features. They are: fixed brackets, tilting brackets and full-motion brackets.

Let’s get into details:

Fixed TV Wall Brackets

The most common wall mount is a fixed tv wall mount/ low profile wall mount. These are easy to install compared to other wall mounts. But it comes with a price. Once you install the bracket to the wall and the TV is mounted, you cannot move it in any direction.  

It is, therefore, an excellent choice for areas that require a clean appearance from where people will view the TV from a single position. 

However, when selecting a fixed wall bracket, make sure it fits the size and weight of your TV and the type of wall it will be on. You can mount it with almost all kinds of TV, but it cannot work with a flat-screen TV. Also, these fixed tv wall brackets come with low pricing.

Apart from that, fixed tv wall bracket is the ultra-thin wall bracket. This bracket offers the most basic style and enables your TV to sit close to the wall. If you choose this form of wall mounting, keep in mind that the cables must be buried in the wall for the TV to lie flat to the wall, making it unsuitable for homes without partition walls.

Tilting Wall Mount Brackets

A Tilting wall bracket is mounted to a higher position from where you will sit. As a result, you can see the TV screen better. 

There are some early LCD TVs when you look at them straight, which will appear dark from your angle. It could improve your viewing experience when there is a vertical adjustment. Also, modern LED and OLED TV have solved this issue. You can change the viewing angle between  5º to 15º with a tilting bracket.

These tilting wall mount brackets will cost a little more than low-profile wall mounts. You can install these with the same level of ease as low-profile mounts. 

Again, there is a pivot in the middle of the bracket. Therefore, you will get a good view whether you sit on a sofa or lie on the floor. Moreover, changing out cables is much easier for a tilting wall mount than a fixed wall mount.

Full motion TV Wall Mount

The full-motion wall bracket is the most flexible among all other TV mounts. Because you can see it from multiple positions; for instance, if your drawing room and dining room are attached, and your TV is placed in the drawing room with a full-motion wall mount, you can also see it from the dining room. 

It is because you can rotate your TV without being physically removed from the wall. It is the key difference between full-motion mounts and tilt mounts. Also, these full-motion wall mounts have a moveable arm that adjusts the horizontal viewing angle. 

But this advantage comes with a huge price. They are the most expensive wall mount. In addition to this, full-motion wall mounts are complicated to install. You need two to three people to hang the TV on the wall. Some additional hardware may require to install, so it is better to check the requirements before making a purchase.


Apart from these three, there is another one–not the most common practice. When mounting your tv on the wall is not an option, you can use ceiling mounts. These brackets are attached to the ceiling and can rotate in all directions. It is done when space is limited. Also, a professional is needed to hire for the installation.


The above factors will determine the best TV wall bracket for you. You can get it if you want stability, flexibility, or a minimalist look. Be sure to check the specifications and requirements of each bracket and consider the factors to determine which one you will buy for your needs.

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