Who is Ella Toone Dating? Know All the Details Here!

Who is Ella Toone?

Ella Toone, an English professional footballer, has emerged as an influential attacking midfielder for Manchester United in the Women’s Super League and the esteemed England national team. Her journey started at Blackburn Rovers, where she first captured attention, then moved to Manchester City, before she truly flourished at Manchester United in 2018. Toone’s dazzling performance in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 remains unforgettable, where her crucial goal ensured England’s victory over Germany in the exhilarating final.

How did Ella Toone and Joe Bunney meet?

The love story of Ella Toone and Joe Bunney is an intriguing one. It started when mutual acquaintances introduced them. Beyond just personal affinities, their shared passion for football acted as a catalyst, enabling their relationship to flourish amidst team rivalries. Although rooted in opposing teams, their relationship demonstrates the possibility of love and support transcending the boundaries of club loyalty.

Who is Joe Bunney?

Joe Bunney is not just known as Ella Toone’s partner but is an accomplished footballer in his own stride. Born on September 26, 1993, in Manchester, England, Joe started his footballing expedition as an attacker, but over time, he established himself as a crucial defender for Stalybridge Celtic. His relationship with Ella has christened him as her “biggest cheerleader”, bearing witness to his enduring support for her both on and off the pitch.

How do team rivalries affect their relationship?

Despite representing opposing teams—Manchester United and Manchester City—their relationship has remained immune to the age-old rivalry. Instead of seeing it as a wedge, the couple views their unique team affiliations as a strength, focusing on the shared love for the sport itself. While external expectations might have anticipated conflicts, their bond has only solidified, proving that love can indeed conquer all challenges.

What makes their relationship unique?

The cornerstone of Ella Toone and Joe Bunney’s relationship is their mutual passion for football. Not just the glitz and glamour but the nitty-gritty, the challenges, and the shared understanding of the game’s pressures. This intertwined connection based on football has helped them face hurdles head-on. Introduced by mutual friends, their relationship quickly transitioned from mere acquaintances to understanding partners, cherishing their shared accomplishments and bolstering each other in times of need.


Ella Toone and Joe Bunney’s relationship provides a heartening narrative in the football world. A tale that reinforces the idea that love, understanding, and shared passions can build connections stronger than any rivalry. Through mutual support and devotion, they exemplify that love knows no boundaries.

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