Who Is Fuwa?

Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Group is a company founded in 1997 that deals with the wholesale distribution of automotive accessories, tools, and equipment. It operates five international brands, FUWA, VALX, AXN, K Hitch and AMPRO, with supplies extending to over 70 countries. FUWA is known for the supply of top-quality suspensions, axles, slack adjusters, and other heavy truck and trailer components. 

Although global operations for FUWA are based in China, the brand is big in Australia and New Zealand. It’s the top manufacturer of heavy vehicle components in both regions. Furthermore, Australia has long served as the testing ground for most of the company’s products due to the harsh conditions in the country. The extreme weather, rough terrains and long country roads provide critical information on the durability and performance of new products. Furthermore, the tests offer valuable design information for production.

Aside from offering a great test centre, the Australian FUWA office is responsible for distributing and selling FUWA parts. Furthermore, they complete the final assembly of K Hitch axles, brakes, airbags and spring suspensions. Here is all about FUWA K Hitch: Axles, suspensions and more

FUWA Truck components are known to have great longevity. All the components are tested in the harshest environments and put under extraordinary pressure. As a result, products that make it to the shelf meet industry standards and surpass average performance numbers. Furthermore, the company is so confident in its components that they offer a one-million-kilometre warranty. User reviews also show FUWA products, like the axle, last well beyond the one million kilometre mark before requiring a change. 

The excellent performance and durability reduce transport interruptions from servicing and repairs. As a result, companies enjoy less downtime. Furthermore, purchasing FUWA components is more affordable than acquiring alternative components in the market.

Additionally, FUWA K Hitch components are versatile. For example, hub and disc brake axles seamlessly fit into a wide range of trailer and truck combinations. Despite the versatility, FUWA components maintain the same level of performance across all applications.

Unlike most suppliers and manufacturers, FUWA K Hitch has extensive documentation regarding the use and application of all its components. Furthermore, their installation and maintenance guides are simple to follow. As a result, companies have an easy time running in-house repairs and servicing for their fleet of trucks. 

What FUWA has to offer

The contribution of FUWA K Hitch to the heavy vehicle industry is unmatched. The company produces different-sized axles for a wide range of applications. For example, their axles are used in semi-trailers, B-double, dog trailers and road trains. The axles often have a good payload for each weight category and meet all ISO standards. Furthermore, the axles’ material design includes steel, enhancing the overall durability.

Although axles form the lion’s share of FUWA K Hitch’s production line, they also produce suspension components, fifth wheels, landing legs, drawbar eyes, tow couplings and many more. The components use the sturdiest materials to guarantee durability and maintain top-quality performance. 

FUWA products have revamped the market for trucking components. They are a great alternative for aftermarket parts for European Trucks and American trucks. Moreover, most mechanics recommend the components for both large and small commercial trucks and trailers. Therefore, consider FUWA the next time your truck is due for component servicing or replacement, as they are the best in the business.

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