Who is Hamisa Mobetto New Boyfriend? All the Details You Need to Know!

Who is Hamisa Mobetto?

Hamisa Mobetto, a Tanzanian singer, actress, businesswoman, and socialite, has created waves in the entertainment industry since her debut. Hamisa was born December 10, 1994 in Mwanza, Tanzania. As early as she could remember she discovered her passion for music; shortly after graduating high school she decided to turn it into her career path and has quickly earned herself a prominent place within Tanzanian pop culture due to both her talent and beauty. Her vibrant personal life has often made headlines, contributing to her fame.

Hamisa Mobetto’s Journey in Entertainment

Hamisa’s career in entertainment has been marked by a consistent rise to stardom. Despite experiencing various challenges in her personal life, she has continued to prosper in her professional sphere, making significant strides in the entertainment world.

Kevin Sowax: The Man Behind the Mystery

The identity of Hamisa Mobetto’s new boyfriend was recently revealed as Kevin Sowax, popularly known as Mr. Chopelife. Sowax, a successful entrepreneur from Togo, is based in Paris, France. He serves as the CEO of Twinsk Company and the Lemimozart restaurant. The couple’s relationship was unveiled when Sowax showered Hamisa with an extravagant display of affection, including flowers, champagne, balloons, and luxury brand goodie bags.

The Grand Revelation

The grand revelation of their relationship was marked by a viral video that set social media ablaze. Sowax was deliberately concealed from images shared online to add some intrigue and add depth to their relationship. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness more updates or glimpses into how life together will play out for Sowax and her partner as time progresses.

A Look at Hamisa’s Past Relationships

Hamisa’s love life has been the center of much attention. Her high-profile relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz brought her into the spotlight. Later, she was seen spending quality time with American rapper Rick Ross, which ignited rumors of a possible romance. However, these speculations were put to rest when Hamisa introduced her new boyfriend, Kevin Sowax.

Rick Ross: An Unresolved Chapter?

Rick Ross unfollowed Hamisa on social media shortly after she revealed her new relationship with Sowax. This surprising move sparked debates about their previous relationship and its implications on their current equation.

Hamisa Mobetto: A Saga of Love and Life

Hamisa Mobetto’s romantic journey has been akin to a rollercoaster ride. With high-profile relationships and continuous media attention, her love life is anything but dull. Amid the buzz surrounding her romantic liaisons, Hamisa continues to focus on her career and personal happiness.

Her latest relationship with Kevin Sowax has stirred up excitement among her fans. As her love story unfolds, fans are keenly observing the development. With her charm, talent, and resolve, Hamisa Mobetto continues to be an enchanting figure in the entertainment industry. As everyone watches her love story unfold, one thing remains clear: Hamisa Mobetto is determined to write her own narrative, irrespective of the twists and turns along the way.

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