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Who Is Peacemakers Dad White Dragon abilities

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Are you familiar with Peacemaker? Because Peacemaker first appeared in Fightin’5, we are all familiar with his name. Peacemaker is also a fictional superhero series that Charlton Comics created and DC Comics acquired.

We are referring to the HBO Max series, which was launched on January 13, 2022. The first three episodes have been viewed by millions of fans in the United States.

Now, the most common search is What Is Peacemakers Father? Let’s look at all the twists, turns and surprises that this series has had so far.

What is HBO Max Peacemaker TV show?

The animated series, streaming on HBO Max, was inspired by the comic character Peacemaker. John Cena portrays Christopher Smith as the Peacemaker.

James Gunn, a DC Extended Universe writer, created the series. Peacemaker is introduced after completing the previous mission.

People searching for What Is Peacemakers Father will be pleased to know that the series premiered already on HBO Max’s January 13th, 2022 with its three first episodes. The remainder of the episodes will be released every Thursday in the week.

The character of Peacemaker as depicted in The Suicide Squad doesn’t give much exposure. This is exactly why we decided to present him in a separate production.

He is not a bad man, but he wants peace at all costs. The Peacemaker has the new mission of Project Butterfly.

Who is Peacemakers Dad?

Fans were thrilled to see the new show premiere. The first episode, “A Whole New Whirled,” introduces Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father. He visited Auggie to get his pet eagle back and to purchase a new outfit.

Robert Patrick assumed the role of his father and helped his son to use technology. Smith has a bizarre, outstretched lab that he built for him and up to ten helmets that he can grasp and use.

Auggie Who Are Peacemakers Dad explains that each helmet has its own combat ability. One helmet, for instance, has Xray eyesight and can breathe underwater.

Auggie is thrown in jail after his son’s plot. White Dragon is revealed as White Dragon, after he devotes himself to white supremacists.

Later, John Cena is seen acting contemptuously when he visits his father Auggie to pick up his pet Eagly.

White Dragon abilities

White Dragon’s capabilities and abilities were not fully explored until the last episode. But it’s evident that he’s an inventor and engineer.

He has a secret room that is equipped with the latest equipment and designs, including Peacemaker’s helmets.


White Dragon Peacemakers Dadis a combat expert and proficient marksman in DC comics. But, we have yet to learn his unique abilities.

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