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Who Owns Gettr Who is the Owner of Gettr

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Social media platforms are a common feature on the internet. Because of the immense success of some of the most prominent social media names, many similar platforms have been created often inspired by them or their images.

Some social media platforms can also be very political, as they are unable to maintain political neutrality because of their userbase. Gettr, which Owns Gettr, is one example of such a platform. This query is quite trendy in the United States & United Kingdom. This article will provide all details regarding this platform.

What Is Gettr?

Gettr can be used as a social media site, as we’ve already stated. American conservatives most commonly use the platform to voice opinions. The platform is politically charged and therefore not appropriate for everyone.

The platform’s political nature derives from its creator. He was formerly an aide to Donald Trump and his spokesperson. Who Owns Gottr? Soon, we’ll get to it. The app was launched on July 20, 2021 and has already been downloaded millions.


  • It is quite similar to Twitter in terms of appearance and interface.
  • The platform claims to offer users a free forum for their opinions and thoughts.
  • Users can also access uncensored information and connect with like-minded people via the platform.
  • However, it is known for posting controversial and inappropriate content.

Who is the Owner of Gettr.

Let’s get to the bottom of who owns this platform.

  • The political nature of the platform as well as some of the controversies surrounding the platform directly affect the ownership.
  • Jason Miller is the app’s creator and founder. He was an ex-aide to Donald Trump.
  • Many platforms barred Donald Trump of using social media sites such as Twitter.
  • A number of other reasons led to his blog being shut down by authorities.
  • Donald Trump used Gettr to express his opinions for a long time.
  • Who Is the Owner of Gettr Jason Miller is the proprietor of this social-media platform.
  • It was recently in the news for banning some right-wing politicians’ accounts, which triggered an online backlash.
  • Joe Rogan, a well-known personality, has joined this platform in recent years.

Final Verdict

Social media platforms have been one of the most successful and successful online domains. These big names account for a substantial portion of the internet traffic. Gettr, another new app, is growing in popularity and users are interested to learn more about its owner. We have provided all details above.

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