Who Owns The Rams Football Team Who owns the Rams Football Team?

Are you looking to get more information about the Rams Football team? They are who they are? Who is the owner of the team? Why do we care of Rams Football? Rams Team in football?

Following this article, readers all over all of the United States and other regions of the globe will have complete information. Don’t wait and let us get started to discover who is the owner of the Rams Football Team.

A brief overview of the Rams Football Team- History

  • It is an official American football team.
  • Before everything else was in place, the Rams were called The Cleveland Rams.
  • Before joining into the NFL at the age of 1937, players were for the AFL.
  • Following that, they moved in Los Angeles in 1946 and continued to stay there until.
  • Following the merger between the NFL and AFL The Rams were in the playoffs in 1967.
  • However, they were unable to defeat an opponent who was the Super Bowl II champion.
  • The Rams were at the top of two places in their division from the year 1967 to 1971.

We’re looking at who is the owner of the Rams Football Team and learn about some of the facts.

The Rams took home their share of the NFC West seven times from 1973 until 1979. In 1979, they made it to the first Super Bowl but were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rams moved back to St. Louis in 1995 in which they suffered defeats during their first two seasons.

At the beginning century the Rams enjoyed a remarkable run. In 1999 the Rams won one of the most thrilling Super Bowls that have ever been played in NFL history. In 1999-2004, they reached seven playoff appearances over the course of six years.

Who owns the Rams Football Team?

Stanley Kroenke took full ownership of the Rams in the year 2010. He had publicly stated that he wanted to keep the team within St. Louis. However it was noted that the Rams lease contained an unusual requirement that required that they have an “top-tier” NFL stadium at all times.

The Rams have been at St. Louis was clearly going to come to an end by the year 2015. After an absence of 11 years from playoffs The Rams were back in Los Angeles. However, Los Angeles sees some bad seasons that lead to the demise coaching duties of head coach.


Stanley Kroenke, Who owns the Rams Football Team ,was born in Columbia, Missouri, on July 29th 1947. Kroenke first joined the sport in 1995 when he purchased 30% of the Los Angeles Rams to help in the transfer of the team from the city of St. Louis. In the years since, his contribution has increased in a range of sports.

He has a stake in nearly 1.5 million acres on farmland which makes him a major landowner. He also is the owner of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Denver Nuggets, U.K.’s Arsenal soccer team, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids.

Since 2004 Arsenal hasn’t won in the Premier League, continuing to disappoint fans. According to recent reports, the Rams owner recently turned down an offer of $2.55 billion offer for Arsenal.


Who is the owner of the Rams Football Team is the most recent query among people. Stanley Kroenke, the owner is also a renowned international sports and real estate entrepreneur.

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