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Who Was Barnaby Webber?

Barnaby Webber was an incredible 19 year-old who tragically met his death during the horrific Nottingham attacks of June 13. A Taunton School alum, Barnaby was beloved within his community due to his genuine warmth, infectious smile and extraordinary ability to connect with everyone he came into contact with. News of his death sent shockwaves through many aspects of society; tributes continue pouring out for this remarkable young man whom we had the honour to know personally.

The Impact Barnaby Webber Left Behind

Rob Gallimore, one of Barnaby’s former teachers, shared touching sentiments about his unique qualities, emphasizing that his presence would be irreplaceable. Fellow students echoed these feelings, describing Barnaby as the “antidote to loneliness and sadness.” His genuine, friendly, and inclusive character inspired others deeply; evidenced at his funeral where approximately 600 mourners attended St Mary Magdalene Church in Taunton to pay their respects.

Barnaby Webber Died Tragedyously
Barnaby’s life was cut tragically short during the Nottingham attacks, a brutal stabbing incident that shocked and devastated many. A horrific attack resulted in Barnaby’s death as well as that of two innocent victims, with another person identified and arrested being charged with their deaths; additionally three attempted murder charges will also be made public next year when their trial takes place.

The Heartbreaking Funeral Service

The funeral service for Barnaby was an emotionally-charged event filled with tears, poignant remembrances, and heartfelt tributes. Emma Webber, Barnaby’s mother, delivered a powerful eulogy, expressing her deep sorrow and sharing cherished memories of her son. Throughout the service, Barnaby’s incredible personality and profound impact on others were repeatedly highlighted, serving as a testament to the extraordinary life he led, however short.

Barnaby Webber’s Legacy

The loss of Barnaby Webber has deeply affected his loved ones and the wider community. The void he left behind is tangible, but his memory continues to inspire and uplift those who knew him. Barnaby’s legacy – his kindness, his infectious smile, and his ability to brighten any room – will be carried forward by the countless people he touched throughout his short life.

In the Wake of Barnaby Webber’s Death

Funeral services were not simply occasions for mourning and reflection – they also served as an instrument of change. Emma Webber expressed a determination to seek justice in relation to Barnaby Webber’s tragic death and initiate change across society to prevent similar tragedies from recurring in future. Barnaby Webber’s loss has inspired an incredible call-to-action: his legacy won’t be lost with him gone.


Barnaby Webber was a cherished son, a loved friend, and an admired student whose life was tragically cut short. His untimely death has been deeply felt, but his memory and legacy live on. The sorrow surrounding his passing will undoubtedly be a catalyst for change, propelling those who loved him towards justice and positive societal transformation.

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