Who Was Deborah Brandao? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family & Other Details!

Who Was Deborah Brandao and Why Was She Killed?

Deborah Brandao was 33-year-old mother from Pennsylvania when her ex-partner Danelo Souza Cavalcante brutally murdered her before their two young children. Reasons behind their relationship’s end remain elusive but many suspect he took action against Brandao to keep her quiet about revealing information regarding a crime he may have committed in Brazil during 2017. Cavalcante may have killed Brandao to stop any disclosure regarding an act he perpetrated there in 2017. Unfortunately, information regarding Brandao’s family background and the reasons for their separation remains undisclosed.

What Were Danelo Souza Cavalcante’s Previous Crimes?

Before committing the horrifying act against Brandao, Cavalcante was already a wanted man in Brazil for a 2017 homicide. Cavalcante entered illegally via Puerto Rico to avoid arrest, living an otherwise quiet life until his horrific actions brought back into focus. It is suspected that Brandao’s murder may be linked to Cavalcante’s past criminal activities in Brazil.

How Were Brandao’s Children Affected by the Tragedy?

Brandao left behind two young children – an eight-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. Neither child is biologically related to Cavalcante. Young children present during the murder of their mother have likely witnessed something life-altering that will remain with them long into adulthood. Their identities and current locations remain concealed to safeguard against public scrutiny of this event.

How Did Cavalcante Escape From Prison?

Approximately a week after being sentenced to life imprisonment for Brandao’s murder, Cavalcante executed a daring escape from Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania. Details surrounding the escape remain elusive, as prison officials are yet to divulge information. However, it is known that Cavalcante took advantage of vulnerabilities in the prison’s security system to make his getaway.

What Are Authorities Doing to Capture Cavalcante?

Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Marshals Service have joined forces in leading an intensive manhunt against Cavalcante. A $10,000 reward has been set forth for information leading to his capture; Lt. Col George Bivens from Pennsylvania State Police indicated Cavalcante may resist arrest using lethal force against arresters if required The community is understandably on edge, as this dangerous individual remains at large.


The tale of Danelo Souza Cavalcante is a dark testament to the lengths some will go to avoid facing justice. With a community on edge and two young lives irreversibly affected, the authorities are working tirelessly to bring this saga to an end and offer some semblance of peace to Brandao’s family.

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