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Who was Piper Carter? Get All the Details You Need Here!

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Piper Carter, a Detroit-based artist, activist and entrepreneur, was known for her many talents. She was a multi-faceted artist, activist and entrepreneur based in Detroit, Michigan. Her work spans across many industries including fashion, education, photography and music.

Piper Carter’s Early Career and Background

Piper Carter was born in Detroit in 1971. She grew up there in a vibrant, diverse community, but one that also suffered from poverty, crime and social inequality. She was determined to succeed and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Graphic Design at Michigan State University.

Piper Carter, after graduating, moved to New York City where she developed her photography and fashion skills. She was a photo-editor for Essence Magazine, and worked with fashion brands such as Nike Apple and The North Face. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, Vibe Magazine and The Source.

Piper Carter’s Work in Activism and Education

Piper Carter became involved in social activism while working in the fashion world. She co-founded We Found Hip Hop – a non-profit that uses hip-hop as a tool to promote education, social justice and community organizing. She founded The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop which empowers women and girls in hip hop communities through workshops, mentorship and performances.

Piper Carter, in addition to her activism work and community service, was also a teacher. She taught photography at College for Creative Studies, Detroit. She also served as a role model and mentor for the young people of the city.

Piper Carter’s Legacy

Piper Carter died on March 31, 2022 at age 50. She left behind a legacy that included activism, artistry and empowerment. Her work continues to inspire and impact people all over the world. She challenged the status-quo through her activism, photography and fashion.

In conclusion

Piper Carter’s impact will be felt for many years to come. Her dedication to social justice and artistry as well as her commitment to education serve to remind us of the power that individuals have to make positive changes in their own communities and beyond. Let us honor her legacy by continuing to work for a just and equitable society.

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