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Why Are Contextual Links Important?

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Contextual links are one of the essential tasks to carry out in SEO. Nowadays, we perform various SEO activities to rank the site higher.

Such as – updating topic strategy, monitoring ranking, evaluating features snippets, reviewing the trends of organic traffic, sorting content by behavioral metrics, and the list goes on.

All of them are important for a website these days. What is more, SEO tasks are evolving day by day. As a result, you get more SEO tasks gradually to rank your website.

Regarding that, contextual links are equally important as the rest of the SEO task. Realizing its benefits, you will surely opt-in for a contextual backlink service. Time to know more about the contextual links.

What is the contextual link?

All you know so far about contextual links is – it’s a critical SEO work. Let’s see now what exactly is a contextual link.

You must have read articles that contain phases in blue with underlines. Those are contextual links. You can look at the picture below and check if it rings a bell!

So, the idea is- you pick some phrases. Then your tone in the phrases with relevant ideas. Next, you hyperlink the phrases to other web pages.

The web pages can be from other websites. Or you can link the other pages of your website with that contextual text.

Depending on that, there are basically 2 kinds of contextual links. Let’s have a look at those and learn their benefit.

Different types of Contextual links and benefits

The two essential kinds of contextual links are external and internal links. Point to be noted, there is another kind, reciprocal links (Less used).

Basically, that’s a subdivision of the external linking. However, I will talk about the two main categories now.

External linking

When you link your website with other websites through a contextual link is called external linking. Generally, you should try to build an external link relevant to your service.

Let’s say you are offering a digital marketing service. In that case, you can link your website with a blog that talks about the importance of digital marketing.

Internal linking

This idea is the opposite of external linking. It means you link one page of your website with other pages. For example, you have written content that talks about what is contextual links.

Then, you have another piece of content that points out the benefits of contextual linking. Now, you link one content with another by integrating contextual texts/links.

5 Benefits of contextual linking

There are several benefits of contextual links. Know about some of them in the following section.

Make people aware of your website

You can make people know about your website with contextual links. Let’s say – you are associated with a process of reciprocal linking.

As a result, the visitors of the target website will come across your articles in other places on the internet.

Increase website visibility

Another iconic benefit of contextual linking is – your website will get more visibility. This way, visitors from other websites will surely come across your website.

Finally, they will decide to link your website with contextual links. Once again, this is what external linking is.

Earn a backlink

All you want is to backlink your website with some authoritative website.

Considering that, if you include a contextual link for a particular website, the target website might reach out to you to have that article on their website. As a result, you get a powerful backlink!

Increase social media shares

With more recognition comes increased sharing on social media. Consequently, you will have more visitors to your website.

Most importantly, more recognition and social media sharing indicate that the article is high-quality content.

Achieve credibility

Another critical aspect of owning a website these days is- it needs to be trustworthy. The only way one can form trustworthiness is by increasing traffic on your website.

Relating to that, articles with contextual links will help you get more visitors/traffic. What is more, if you are credible, people will reach out to you to build external links.

That is another chance for obtaining some authoritative backlinks.

There is one more thing you should know. Trustworthiness is tough to achieve. Given that, some sites just care about giving out information.

That won’t necessarily build trust for your website. To handle the struggle here, you should need contextual links. This helps you increase trustworthiness.

Finally, Google starts to like you!

You see, Google priorities the sites that genuinely help the reader. If you have increased traffic, your article is helpful.

That’s means, people have benefited from your information. That will result in higher page rank and more traffic. Furthermore, with increased traffic, you will see a boost in sales. And contextual links are one of the ways to gain it, thus carrying much importance

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