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Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

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All around the globe, escape rooms are gaining in popularity and becoming more common. You can find an escape room in almost every major city around the world. Even companies are booking escape rooms for their employees as part of their corporate team building strategy. But why are they so popular all of a sudden? In this article, we explore the reasons behind the rising popularity of escape rooms.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

Humans have always enjoyed completing puzzles and solving riddles. Even since the middle ages, riddles have fascinated people. The legend of the sphinx is a prime example: solve the riddle and get past. Almost everyone has thought about how they would defeat a sphinx at some point. Even little kids love riddles and puzzles.

An escape room is, essentially, the next level of puzzles. You’re in the thick of it. You are an active participant as you try to solve a riddle and complete a puzzle. Instead of sitting around a table and putting little pieces together, you’re searching an entire room and trying to connect the dots.

You can also think of an escape room as a real-life Sherlock Holmes simulator. It’s not just Holmes and Watson, though. Instead, you have a whole team to back you up and help you solve the puzzle before time runs out. Some escape rooms are even themed so you and your team can get dressed up before going. 

Some escape room companies offer different room options. This means that even if you’ve done one escape room, you still have other possibilities. If your local escape room is big, you may even have a handful of options to choose from. With extra possibilities available, every escape game is a new adventure.

It’s very rare for someone to find an escape room boring. As such, many different groups can enjoy them without feeling like only a certain age bracket finds the game enjoyable. It’s sometimes difficult to find events that everyone will enjoy, but escape rooms are fun for everyone which is a big reason for the sudden rise in popularity.

Who Likes Escape Rooms?

Almost everyone who’s old enough to participate enjoys playing escape rooms. Kids and adults alike love to look for clues and solve the puzzle before their time runs out. Even if you don’t end up escaping in the end, it’s a fun event for all ages which makes it a fantastic idea for family outings.

Escape rooms are particularly popular in the college-age scene, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also popular for older groups of people or even younger kids. They’re an especially great choice for mixed age groups.

Even if you’ve already done one escape room, you’re sure to enjoy one again. It’s hard to find an escape room that’s identical to another which means that you can enjoy escape rooms over and over again. They aren’t like roller coasters where once you’ve done one, it doesn’t change.

Who Can Play Escape Rooms?

Anyone can play escape rooms, that is why they’re so great. Many families will book an escape room so they can play together and so will businesses. Groups of teens and college kids will also play in escape rooms together.

If you’re looking for a great group event but can’t depend on the weather to be nice, renting an escape room is a great idea. You’re inside and your group is their own team. Even if your group consists of children, teens, and elderly people, an escape room is a fantastic option that your entire group can participate in.

For companies looking for a good way to encourage teamwork amongst employees, escape rooms are one of the best choices. Ice breakers are rarely enjoyable, but with escape rooms, your employees have fun and develop many soft skills that are great in the workplace. 

What Makes Escape Rooms So Great?

Unlike ice breakers, escape rooms are a fun way to improve teamwork and build connections with people. Even if you’re playing with your family or a close group of friends, there’s always something you learn from each other while you’re playing. Maybe you discover that your brother is great at noticing small details. Maybe your coworker is a quick thinker.

No matter who you play with, escape rooms can help you build teamwork skills. You learn how to communicate with others as well as improve your listening skills. Not everyone will have the same skill set and by playing an escape room, you’ll discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Escape rooms are great fun for any event. They may not be the best place to hold a business meeting, but they’re great options for almost any other event. Escape rooms are particularly fun for a birthday party or a night out. They’re even great for businesses that want to encourage teamwork between employees since there are a lot of common team building and cooperation skills that are involved in escape rooms too. 

For larger groups, some places may offer a discounted group rate. This can mean that hosting an escape room event is actually cheaper than another type of event. Escape rooms can be fairly cost-effective and for the fun, you’ll have, they’re certainly worth it.


As escape rooms help develop a number of soft skills in a fun way, there’s no question why they’re so popular. It’s a great environment for improving relationships and learning how to work together. If you’re ever curious about what to do for your next big event or get-together, an escape room is your best idea.

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