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Why Are Steel Buildings Beneficial For The Environment?

Steel is used extensively in constructing building structures. Almost twenty-five percent of the annual production of steel is used in buildings. Steel is the king of metals in industrial construction due to its incredible strength. It is pliable and flexible. Designing pre-engineered steel buildings is a highly complex process and require a uniform approach. Still, in the last two decades, the industry has devised systems that have reduced energy consumption by one-third. 

The construction companies in Calgary are highly professional in constructing steel structures of a building and take many measures to reduce any harmful impact on the environment. This article will tell you why steel buildings are beneficial for the environment.   

Steel buildings and their impact on the environment

The steelmaking process needs a lot of energy and plenty of water. These two factors only have an immense impact on the environment. The direct control on these two areas would undoubtedly reduce the damage and thus become more environmentally friendly than before. Though construction companies in Calgary using pre-engineered steel buildings have no direct concern with the steelmaking process, they can demand steel producers to adopt environment-friendly practices because they are the end-users. 

Steelmaking process

The steelmaking process gives tons of metal daily, where wood is obtained after years of plant growth till maturity. The energy consumption of steel was a significant concern, but after various best practices, energy use has been reducing by 1/3 in the last two decades. Also, almost all of the water used in steel production is nowadays recycled and cleaned. Advancements in CO2 breakthrough programs have now strived to reduce carbon emission in the blast furnace by replacing carbon with hydrogen as fuel. Such scientific breakthrough will certainly make steel more environmentally friendlier than ever. The global warming challenges will also be taken care of by using hydrogen as a fuel in the blast furnaces.  

Speed of construction

When we talk about building a structure, we choose concrete, wood, and steel. Among these three building materials, Pre-engineered steel buildings are the best choice because of lighter in weight and easy to handle. These structures also use less space as compared to the others. The steel panels have designs of tongue-and-groove, which help the workers join these quickly, and thus the work speed is breakneck than the other material used. This also means less waste of resources when the job is done quickly.

Recycling of the steel waste

Steel can be recycled and used again and again as a metal. On the other hand, wood recycling is almost zero, whereas concrete cannot be recycled and used in building reconstruction. However, concrete debris can be used as earth fillers only. Also, the steel waste gathers while creating various building structures like panels, pillars, beams, etc., is a hundred percent re-usable. 

Durability and energy saving

The construction companies in Calgary or elsewhere know that steel in buildings structures is very environmentally friendly compared to wood and concrete because the pre-engineered steel Buildings are more durable than the other two. These companies always recommend pre-engineered steel buildings for their clients based on this knowledge. The Durable building is a money saver. Steel does not require more frequent repairs. Steel being the flexible and strong building material, promises a more durable construction experience and that, in turn, is more environment-friendly. While on saving energy point, the concrete roof cannot avoid heating by scorching sun in summer, thus much electricity is needed for cooling the building. In contrast, the steel roof reflects the sunlight, thus keeping the building cooler.   


Steel buildings are closer to the environment than buildings made of other materials used in construction. The recycling nature of the steel, the sunlight reflecting characteristics, and the ease of handling and erection make it the preferable material. In general, the construction companies in Calgary or elsewhere are happier using steel as building structures. On top of that, excavation companies in Calgary and worldwide suggest using Pre-engineered steel buildings because there will be fewer ground disturbances, making them more environment-friendly than the conventional buildings.

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