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Why Arrange the Same Centerpiece for Wedding Tables?

The centerpiece is the first thing you’ll need to decide on with the help of your wedding planner. Undoubtedly, the florist will handle the actual decorating of your tables and venue. At the same time, many brides like to pick out their centerpieces or coordinate their colors with those at each table. Some opt to go with something simpler, like using the same centerpiece. Here are ten reasons this may be a good choice for your wedding.

Different Benefits to Arrange the Same Centerpiece for Wedding Tables

Following are some pros to arranging the same centerpiece for the wedding ceremony.

It Simplifies Your Planning Process

The one thing I love about this approach is that it simplifies your planning process. It’s much easier to decide on floral arrangements, votives, and centerpieces if you know that all tables will be using the same focal point. This can also save you money in terms of budget and time. For example, if you have a limited budget for centerpieces, you might only need to buy one centerpiece rather than multiple ones.

You’ll also spend less time arranging them because they’re all the same shape and size. And when it comes to your event timeline, it’s much more straightforward to plan when there isn’t as much variability in table decor.

Floral Displays Look More Professional

Your floral displays will look more professional with an unbroken line of twin centerpieces. If someone just so happens to sit at a table with different flowers or materials, their guests might start wondering what was going on during setup. 

It Makes Prepping On-Site Easier and Less Time Consuming

There is a lot to get done before your big day. You want everything to be perfect, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to waste time prepping on-site. This can quickly be done by arranging the same centerpiece for all tables. Once your centerpieces are set up, it’ll only take about 15 minutes or less per table. Plus, this will allow you to see how everything looks together, making things run more on your big day!

It Saves Your Money

It’s a common misconception that you must have a different centerpiece at the wedding. This can make it challenging to know what flowers or other materials to order. It also adds significantly to your budget. You only need to order enough materials for one table with just one centerpiece. Then you have to transport them from venue to venue. This will save you money in the long run! 

It Saves Your Time

A significant amount goes into finding appropriate centerpieces for each table. Deciding which items to use and how many items are needed takes considerable time. With one centerpiece, you only need to find items that match the color scheme or theme of the event. 

It Promotes Creativity

Arranging the same centerpiece for your tables is a great way to promote creativity. It will inspire you and your guests to develop different ways to display it. Having repetition will allow those unable to make their centerpieces eye-catching. You can also have a theme if you want to combine several different centerpieces. For example, if you’re getting married in Hawaii during plumeria season, why not use them as an accent throughout your wedding? 

The best part about these flowers is that they last a long time. So no matter what time of year your wedding date falls on, you’ll be able to make this idea work. In addition, this would be a fantastic opportunity to involve your florist even more!

Less Waste Is Created By Using Just One Decorative Piece Per Table

Less waste is created by using just one decorative piece per table. This is because if you use different centerpieces on each table, there will be leftover pieces from all of them to discard. However, with a single centerpiece, you can use any leftovers that can be reused in other ways or given away as favors to guests. 

There’s An Easy Fix For Any Damages

Your centerpiece is the anchor of your table, and if it’s damaged, it can make your entire table look messy. There are two easy fixes to a broken centerpiece. First, take a picture before you start touching anything so you know how to put it back together. Second, if one or two pieces need replacing, try to find similar flowers at your grocery store. If that doesn’t work, we recommend hiring a florist for an on-site consultation to see what will work best. It’s better to fix it now than later when everything else is set up!

It Can Set The Tone of Your Ceremony Theme Throughout Your Entire Event

It can set the tone of your ceremony theme throughout your event. If you have a wedding, natural materials and flowers are good centerpieces to use. It is because they will set up that theme. If you’re having an elegant affair, go with more traditional centerpieces like crystal and delicate greenery. You may want to consider using themes during each course at dinner too! Remember to be creative, though – don’t do the same thing twice because that’s boring. Mix it up!

It’s Tradition

The tradition of arranging a single centerpiece at each wedding table is deeply rooted in the history of weddings. A single centerpiece is usually made of flowers, fruits, or other natural materials. It symbolizes unity between two individuals. The centerpiece brings attention to the bride and groom’s relationship. It also helps make the tables more uniform by balancing the space on either side. 

Some couples may also opt to include a small token from themselves at each table setting to personalize their wedding day. This is common among couples who are paying for their wedding. 

The same centerpiece arrangement can be reused at different events, such as anniversary parties. 


Above, we have mentioned some solid reasons you should consider sticking with the same centerpieces at each table and how you can make that work. These ideas will make it possible to stay within your budget, keep things simple and focus on the wedding planning process.

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