Why do beginners get lucky in casinos?

You probably have heard “beginners are lucky” more than once. This phrase has not always been explicitly used for casinos, but with the very judgement of the mythical luck at the start – faced by many.

Is there any justification for beginner’s luck? Is it true at all? Let’s look at this question in detail.

Who are beginners, and when do they become experts?

Let’s lay it out step by step.

Who are “newbies”?

They may be those who have recently started to engage in a particular activity, for example, playing in a casino. How long can a player be considered a beginner? The question is controversial here, but everyone perceives it abstractly and subjectively.

But do all players become experts? I think not. Even so, only a select few continue to enjoy casino gambling after making one or two attempts out of curiosity – but that’s where all the magic lies!

The secret of the eternal youth of players or why few people become an expert.

Imagine you decided to play at an online casino and lost all the money at once. Immediately, a hundred dollars. How will you feel? Your mood may not be the best unless you like to throw money around or you have an unlimited amount.

No excitement, no interest – all bets were in loss.

You may try to play again, thinking you were unlucky last time. But having lost for the second time in a row, your chances of continuing are extremely low. Unless you have an example of someone who always wins, and you hope and try again and again. But people usually don’t share their passion for gambling, considering it shameful.

Our brains tend to forget bad things, such as losing. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will often remember the case when you lost twice in the casino. You are not going to consider yourself a beginner. So, just an unfortunate experience, which is not want to call anything, forget, and that’s it.

But what happens if you win the first game?

From a beginner to an expert — one step …winning

If you suddenly win – your brain will send you a powerful positive signal: look, you invested $100, and the account is already $ 500 – and this is for just 15 minutes of play.

This money is already in your account, and you don’t even want to spend it. After all, 500 can be turned into several thousand just by playing a lucky slot.

A couple of bets may be unsuccessful. The account will drop to $400, but then bang – one more win, and the account is already $2000.

Will you be able to forget it?

I don’t think so. Our brains are set up to remember such things. And then you will consider yourself a beginner.

Only those who were young can grow old

Now, you’re on a trajectory. One win, a second win, a couple of losses (who doesn’t).

Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months.

Here’s an instance in which your luck wasn’t so sunny; and this scenario doesn’t look promising either in terms of long term consequences. But one thing stands out – your situation doesn’t appear nearly as positive over time.

Here is already your loved ones asked to put themselves on the lists of self-restriction from gambling, and here is the night, and you are quietly looking for gambling sites not on Gamban.

Subconsciously, one has memories of that overwhelming feeling of victory, lightness, and adventure that they experienced for the first time; seemingly winning against all odds to beat an adversary at something. That is why beginners tend to do well.

Conclusions and explanation of why beginners are lucky after all


Those who are “unlucky” (although, maybe, just the opposite, lucky?) – do not become either experts or beginners because they do not have this path, do not have this perception, as if they have started something.

But the lucky one at the start – has all chances to form in his head a persistent belief that “it was lucky before”, having got on the trajectory of a gambler.


Richard Maxwell

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